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As per our Privacy Policy, your IP will be logged. We report all suspected sexual exploitation of minors to law enforcement. Our reports lead to dozens of arrests yearly.

Gives those fingers a rest, free cam chat is available in any of the chat rooms in our service, but the video chat room specifically connects you with other users of our chat rooms that want to cam chat. Simply click the cam or mic icon next to someones name to begin viewing someones webcam, and click the cam icon by your edit box to enable your media.

If you're having difficulty just go to the help page, the website will test your computer or device and let you know if it's compatible with our chat rooms.

Privacy controls will make it so you can see who views your cam, requires permission before they're granted access to view it and gives you the ability to kick people off that you are tired of watching you. This is a great way to take your chat experience to the next level and get more intimate with other users of the video chat rooms.

We're constantly refining our chat software and making it compatible with more devices as time goes on. Soon Apple IOS users will be able to enjoy directly from their iPhones our video sex chat service!

Video Chat is all about seeing and hearing your chat partners through use of webcams and microphones. You can share your broadcast with others, or, even if you don't have a cam or mic of your own, you can view others' streams. Be patient and respectful, and there's a lot that people might let you see! Whether you're using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even your mobile phone, as long as your device is relatively recently made, you can probably use our cam and mic features with our advanced chat software. If you have trouble, check out our Help page for helpful tips. Hopefully, you'll be cam chatting in no time.

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