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    Rebus69 DDD
    I kinda copied that pic and maybe found fifty two movies... Yeah I lead a boring life lol! Least it helped pass some time! Thanks, I adore a good puzzle!
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    2. DDD
      Thanks, I seen it yesterday and figured it would be a good one to break the monotony of the threads. I've not looked to see how many I can find yet.
      Apr 1, 2020 at 6:51 PM
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    Hi enjoy the site x
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    Hi ,enioy the site. If you wanna chat try pic by the way x
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    Hello, my name is Rose. I'm a dirty-minded young lady looking to have fun with all you horny men.
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    Hi,enjoy the site. If you want to chat pm me x
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    Hi hope you enjoy the me if you fancy a chat x
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    Hope to be seeing more of you lovely lady
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    Hi lovely lady. Hope we can chat a bit. I'm sure it would be fun.
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    Was wondering if you could chat with me
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    Would enjoy chatting with you or discovering what you like
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    Bonjour gorgeous, following you back ,you loook stunning xxx
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    Hello Everybody
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    Some people's beauty may overwhelm you, but, physical beauty is only skin deep. Moreover, beauty is subjective and can change definitions :x
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