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Apr 6, 1985 (Age: 36)

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I'm here. Jun 19, 2017

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Jun 28, 2021
    1. Kai1
      Hi i had gotten a ban message saying no beastiality, it was a joke for a topic that was discussed at the time i don't do beastiality.
    2. Queen0fHeartss
      Hello, I had gotten a ban message saying something about Ddos and losing money, and I don't know anything about that, it also said something about my messages not going through for weeks. Could I be unbanned please?
    3. Warking
      hi. Idk if you'll even see this or not but I unjustly and the reason given by the staff too is very vague. Right in the rules it mentions no posting of pictures of minors depicting pornographic content. It nowhere mentions memes. And yet I got banned for it whereas I've seen others posting similar content not getting banned.
      1. Warking
        I don't question the competency of your staff but wouldn't it be better if they actually knew the rules better. I had been banned once before when a guest put a false accusation on me. The only reason I come here is to post memes and share a laugh with the people I've. I'm careful not to post anything harmful or objectionable but unjustly banning someone isn't right.
        Jul 29, 2020
      2. Warking
        jamsey, these people here, are the only friends I have and they mean something to me. I don't expect most of your staff to understand it but they have what kept me going on. Seeing them react to my memes got me going but if being unjustly banned for it I don't have anywhere else to share my life with.
        Jul 29, 2020
    4. Stevenalex00
      Sir, i applied for mod will u please accept it. Its my humble request. I want to join it.
    5. chishmish
      Hi sir ! hope you doing well., i got banned showing spam and VPn while i am Not Using VPn and.. kindly unbann me i am Not using VPn although that's correct i copy paste same Line Of Chat again and again but not fast etc.. afer long Gape i post
      Kindly unban i will be thankful .
    6. Jinnn
      Hello sir
      I am mostly here and I got banned reason spam can you help please!!
    7. sweet_cheeks
      Are registered members of both sites (OFC and FCN) not allowed to frequent both sites? Why was I banned for "trespassing" in the mature room at FCN? I had not said a word...sitting there waiting for a friend to meet me, when I was banned. The ban is also an IP# ban, so I cannot login with a different name. Can you get this fixed, please?
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      2. sweet_cheeks
        I have appealed the ban at FCN and have sent a copy of the complaint to you in PM.
        Sep 10, 2019
      3. Jerseyjen
        You need to address it there. What happens here is totally separate from there
        Sep 10, 2019
      4. sweet_cheeks
        I have addressed it there, as well. My message here was directed to Cozzman (the owner of both sites) to intercede, as I am having a problem getting it resolved over there .
        Sep 10, 2019
    8. Kay123
      Hey, one of the other admins banned me this morning they said I called someone a man when I hadn’t I was calling him an arselicker I have the screenshots and I’m pretty sure that’s not against the rules. Anyway is it a lifetime ban or for a certain amount of time.

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      2. Kay123
        How do I send it
        Jun 29, 2019
      3. TacoBelle
        Just screenshot and send image to my messages
        Jun 29, 2019
      4. Kay123
        It seems my ban has now been lifted thanks for your help anyway :)
        Jun 29, 2019
    9. xxricky1xx
      I sent you a inbox message please respond.
    10. KaitlinZ
      Hiya I'd like to discuss something very important to me and other people about predators being unchecked in the sex chat room.

      I completely understand the mod's are both following the rules they are tasked witb as well as doing their best but I was still hoping to have a conversation about this with you sometime when you're not busy and I'm around.

      Hope you're having a great day/night. Kat
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      2. Subgrl83
        Me too I was banned and I'm perfectly harmless! I'm sad
        Jun 26, 2019
    11. James_11inchesCock
      hi..i was banned for discussing the pros n cons of using vpn and vpn cannot mask the true public ip ...tis was considered by some as threats and i was banned...this account...please lift the ban as this seems to be a gross misunderstanding
      1. Kingoflies
        You were posting where people are from in chat that is not a misunderstanding
        Aug 31, 2018
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    12. zeooos
      hi - can i ask you 1 question - just 1
    13. Ali
      Very hansom cozzman
    14. Jamsey
      I'm here.
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