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  • When you see someone posting an ad on a dating app about looking for someone that lives near a given subway station and can drive, you realize two kinds of people exist on that platform.
    One, who'd be ready to exploit someone's need for emotional support/intimacy just to save money.
    Two, the guys who set their bars so low they'd be happy to be exploited, as long as there's possibility of some connection.
    I guess cats are really not from this world - I mean, despite being primitive beings, how come they pull off such graceful poses EVERY TIME on the camera??? :x
    If you can only attract a partner after you've achieved success, then what do I need the partner for? What's their role in making me who I am? If I'm supposed to do all the heavylifting alone, why do I have to share the fruits that I grew alone, with someone who just came after those fruits were ripe.
    The more I'm having to deal with difficult times alone, the less I'm wishing to seek a companion for emotional support.
    Next time someone says "Fuck me" in the chats, I'll be inclined to say "ok, Fuck You" :x
    Just a word of caution folks - Whatever you see or read in OFC has to be your little secret. Take nothing of this abnormality into the real life or consequences will be yours to bear. My job is to warn ya.(shrugs)
    The more capable you are, the more people try to control you to serve their own needs.
    Freudian thought says that the cause of mental disorders could be an unconscious memory of sexual abuse in the past. Also notice childhood events dissolve into the unconscious more than adult experiences.That's why pedophilia is heinous and fucked up - Destroying lives for carnal pleasure
    It is often said that women are misunderstood. But I've often found men are generally misunderstood as well. Women aren't as complicated and men aren't as simple as we might like to think.
    It's all about expression.Women's complexity surfaces itself in the manners of chaotic expression, Men's complexity surfaces itself in the structure of their thoughts.Men's feelings are delegated to their thought.
    The more unimportant things you care about, the less happy you are. Not everything deserves your flying fucks.
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