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  • I think I have dating anxiety - I’m in the process of looking for a relationship, being sucked down internet rabbit-holes, making me think too much about it. I guess I just need some rest.
    I guess, from how I’m seeing this world, intimacy is a luxury in today’s times.
    I don’t know what true love is, but I feel like someone’s fitting my cracks in the heart like jigsaw
    IMHO, it’s not about how unique the acts during sex are, but how pure the emotion is. That feeling of getting to be your vulnerable, true self without fear of judgement is a rare one. It’s trippy.
    Freedom from desire of other people’s validation is one of the biggest freedoms you can achieve in life. That is actually when you start being your own person.
    Casual sex doesn’t really feel special in the long run. It just feels bleh.
    I don’t really like the song “Calm Down” by Rema and Selena Gomez. So much so I’m being vocal about it
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    I don't like selena gomez period
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    The song is pretty repetitive and monotonous and yet it has 200M+ views on YouTube. It’s TikTok music at best.
    My issue is with people listening to just any shit in the name of trend.
    people will watch anything on tiktok it sucks
    It’s truly a pity to be defined just by your beauty and be seen as no more than that, sometimes you might just want to be left alone without having to hide it for that.
    I guess in our lives, while we’re deluded by the fact that we’re alive, we’re actually rarely “alive”. We’re mostly scurrying through, in our bubbles, clouded with expectations, fears. Life, just by being aware of our aliveness, can be an overwhelming experience.
    Better to have friends IRL, with whom you have a chance of staying connected. Online friends leave and soon you’re left with no one to call a friend.
    Petition to formally replace the words “breasts” with Mommy Milkers, sounds more delicious in an RP.
    Guess I’m just running after the anticipation of intimacy, a rush of serotonin and dopamine which just ends when you’ve cummed. Makes the whole thing a bit hollow, and leaves me a bit guilty.

    Sex-mongering is a drug I guess
    People who explicitly say they’re “looking for a decent conversation” are at risk of making it indecent soon enough
    I think we share pics not only to impress, but to express. The teenage girl may be exploring their femininity, the woman may be feeling like herself. I guess we can just be appreciative in that case and not assume any indications :x
    Out of all the possible identities I could don on this site (including that of a well-endowed too-good-to-be-true babe), I chose to be an average guy very close to my own self :x
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