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  1. hemihead

    Not appealing Ban

    Let me stress this , I'm NOT trying to appeal my Bad . With that said . I made the comment that " it must be break at the Call Centers " and got banned . How is that perceived as Racist ? What White people don't work at Call Centers ? That is very narrow minded and Racist by Mod thinking to me ...
  2. hemihead

    E = MC 2

    energy with entropy of either at rest or in motion velocity of equilibrium.... e=mc^2x0.5/m/c=0 even energy as it slows into an equilibrium constant after change in energy growth also at the same time slows back down e = energy m = mass c = constant acceleration (which is 9 meters a...
  3. hemihead

    Banned after an Eternity Here .

    I have been coming to this Chat since the beginning . I have said many , many things here and nobody ever cried about it . Now we have a new crop of useless Mods and a new batch of whiny little children that are offended about every word unless to support their viewpoint . This site has gone to...
  4. hemihead

    Happy Memorial Day

    Remember all who gave their lives for Freedom . Some Gave All .
  5. hemihead

    Confessions : People

    People REALLY irritate the shit out of me lately . The desperate losers to the willfully moronic . There needs to be a through cleaning of the Gene pool . That is all .
  6. hemihead

    Eddie Van Halen

  7. hemihead

    Happy Indepence Day America !

    Thanks to our forefathers who had the courage to start a new nation such as ours . They struck the match to light the way for others to follow the path to Freedom and Liberty . And Thank You to all that Serve and have Served to preserve the Rights we have inherited . And Blessed are those that...
  8. hemihead

    The Kung Flu

    We had the cure for the Kung Flu all along . It was Rioting that seems to have cured it .
  9. hemihead

    Happy Brexit !

    Congrats to my Brit cousins on Brexit . You are free at last !
  10. hemihead

    Daddy and Mommy Ban

    As was stated in an earlier thread by an Admin that any people using the terms Daddy or Mommy in either their name or when making an inquiry would be banned . I see that that has gone the way of the Dodo Bird as neither are now being banned and it is worse than ever .
  11. hemihead

    Thank You !

    Much heart felt thank you to the Veterans today for your protection and selfless sacrifice . You are forever blessed .
  12. hemihead


    Attention : Epstein didn't kill himself . That is all .
  13. hemihead


    May we never forget !
  14. hemihead

    Happy Birthday America !

    While we are enjoying our holiday today , please give thanks and reflect on all of the Patriots who gave everything so that Liberty and Freedom could live for all Mankind .
  15. hemihead

    D - Day Anniversary .

    On this day on the anniversary of D - Day , I thank God and say God Bless to all those young men who sacrificed there youth , their limbs and their lives to free the world . We are forever in your debt . The world would not have been the same today without you .
  16. hemihead

    What I am Reading Now

    I am reading " Behold a Pale Horse " by William Cooper . It is an eyeopener . I highly recommend it .
  17. hemihead

    Hello Patriots

  18. hemihead

    The Silent Revolution

    This is the Great Awakening . The Second American Revolution is being fought now as we speak . It is a Silent revolution . Small unknown , unseen battles are being waged . Anonymous Heroes fighting the good fight for America , the World , and Mankind in the shadows and the cyber world . God...
  19. hemihead

    Where One Goes ....

    Where one goes , we all go .