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  1. ladys

    lonely lady looking for a home WRECKER

    Hi all, my name is Tricia. I am 52 so I am looking for a MAN not a boy. Would like to find the man who wants to be my on line lover knowing that I might want to make it a for real relationship at some point. I am extremely horny and lonely all the time, masturbation several times a day is...
  2. ladys


    Good morning, I love this site and the people. My problem is I cannot get into chat. No matter what I do all I get is a final screen with two boxes on a blank white screen. No matter which one I check I get redirected. The screen is white only. I can see what appears to be other choices...
  3. ladys

    Charlotte, NC

    Are there any members in the Charlotte area? Would there be an interest in getting together? Maybe I am just a romantic. But a get together, once allowed, could be great. My thought would be meet, greet, talk and if the situation feels right kissing and petting. This could lead to an...
  4. ladys

    Stills from my video

    I think I have my nerve up. Many of you know I love to masturbate and do it at least twice a day. I love to pleasure my body. The releases are sensational and very needed. I made a video of myself with sound but have not been able to post it. One of the dear people on here took the video...
  5. ladys

    Hubby is a PIA

    Well, HE just called. The emperor who considers himself just above God called. He wants me at the club when they finish their round of golf today. My mind has been going wild thinking of YOU. I found a very brief sun dress that has a plunging V top and hits mid thigh when I am standing...
  6. ladys

    New member needs help - - -

    First question, how do I award trophy points to someone? Second question, is it possible to post a short video of me?
  7. ladys

    Meet me in??

    We decided to meet for lunch and see what would happen. Trying to be alluring yet not slutty I chose a short dress with a revealing blouse and moderate heels. It was a nice restaurant known to both of us. We recognized each other immediately as I approached the door. Sitting in a back booth...
  8. ladys

    Who I am, who do I want to be

    Hi, I am Tricia, I am relatively new here and am enjoying it immensely. I am from North Carolina which is USA altho I truly hope we secede again. Yeup I am right wing and I carry a cute little 380 that hides in the most unique places. My marriage is completely non sexual. We live in...