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  1. NakedGrandpa70

    Word Association.

  2. NakedGrandpa70

    Change one letter ( 5 lettered word)

    crats (short for Democrats ... if Rastafarian can be similarly abbreviated) :)
  3. NakedGrandpa70

    Alphabet Song

    Sean Foo Fighters
  4. NakedGrandpa70

    Keep 1 delete 1

    Godiva Chocolates
  5. NakedGrandpa70

    For older dads, maybe right bi girls to join me

    I would certainly be up for a threesome, Indigenous.
  6. NakedGrandpa70

    Countdown to nudes.

  7. NakedGrandpa70

    Quick hookup nothing more

    This is a chat room, fella, not a call service!
  8. NakedGrandpa70

    Men count to 50 without a Woman interrupting.

    Did I? I most certainly did! ONE
  9. NakedGrandpa70

    Cock and cum on me!

    Sweet, but nude pix might have been better.
  10. NakedGrandpa70

    This will probably be never seen but meh I guess

    Welcome to OnlineFreeChat. Poke around a bit. Post some nude pix. Play some games. Role play. Above all else, have boatloads of fun. And yes, I guess that someone (me) had seen your post.
  11. NakedGrandpa70

    Last thing you purchased.

    A gallon of Milo's Sweet Tea and a bottle of RealLime.
  12. NakedGrandpa70

    The "tion" game

  13. NakedGrandpa70

    WI sluts needed

    I like your enthusiasm, but you would have a much better shot at a local bar. Welcome to OnlineFreeChat. Look around. Post some nude pix. Play some games. Do some role playing. Have a blast!
  14. NakedGrandpa70

    Alphabet book game

    Sorry, I was too busy watching television. A Day To Remember Jackie French
  15. NakedGrandpa70

    Countdown to nudes.

    Indeed, accounts cannot be deleted, but individual posts most certainly can! Sorry Astrochic. You lose. TEN