Any Pervs?

Discussion in 'Sex Chat' started by KindKiara, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. KindKiara

    KindKiara New Member

    I'm looking for a perv to rp with.
  2. Vikk

    Vikk New Member

    I’m a perv ...... are you a bitch???
  3. KindKiara

    KindKiara New Member

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  4. Vikk

    Vikk New Member

    In my town bitches won’t stop even I tell them to stop .
  5. Black_Beard69

    Black_Beard69 New Member

    Hey Kiara , let's chat ;)
  6. Bcuziwantoo

    Bcuziwantoo Member

    I wish to accommodate . Ok so some would call me perv being 58 y o and seeking only 19 y.o. to 33 y
    O.. I think I'm a little more educated than that. So I hope you are curious enough to respond. You might be quite surprised
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  7. Breal3

    Breal3 New Member

    Talk to me
  8. KindKiara

    KindKiara New Member

    I-I'd love to chat with you, i-if you're interested.
  9. James145

    James145 New Member

    I'm iNteResTed to cHaT wiTh u!
  10. berk

    berk New Member

    hi babe
  11. Richard789

    Richard789 Member

    Need to know your definition of Perv ;-) but I think I can give you what you want. I sent you a PM from your other post. Message me back
  12. cmac69247365

    cmac69247365 Member

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  13. Kvinhybrid

    Kvinhybrid New Member

    I'm a big pevert hope ...are you a slut
  14. Christiancuffs

    Christiancuffs New Member

    Wanna get tied up and blindfolded?
  15. Christiancuffs

    Christiancuffs New Member

    While I play with you? All sorts of stuff!
    Including tickling?
    #feetlover here.
  16. CubanB

    CubanB New Member

    Hi kindKiara! I'd love to chat. Find me on Kik @ CubbanBizzy
  17. Handsomeone77

    Handsomeone77 New Member

    What's up
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  18. JoeDamian69

    JoeDamian69 New Member

    Hi, Kiara.

    I'm your guy.
    Snapchat JoeDamian6900
    Kik JoeDamian69

    We will have a lot of fun. I promis u
  19. Bcuziwantoo

    Bcuziwantoo Member

    Well I'm at your mercy
  20. Freaky5671

    Freaky5671 New Member


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