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    My kid asked me why there are very few places like "Fitness One", in Philadelphia and those that do exist, they're so expensive..
    6 or 7 or 8 hundred dollars a month.

    So I gave my kid a tour of Fitness One.
    I told her that this dumbell, is an excellent, deadly weapon..
    And so is the bar to the dumbell..
    And this Racquetball court is a perfect place to blindside somebody with it.

    The pool would be used as a Toilet and make people sick.

    The pool itself is also a weapon... It can be used against people who can't swim..
    Or to drown people in.

    The steam room...

    Perfect place for drug deals and also assaults or murder.

    The racquetball court, the locker rooms, the basketball court, and the sauna and the shower rooms, and some of the studios here...
    Are good places to ROB people at gun or knife point.

    So that's why risk management in urban planning discourages places like this...
    Or recommends prohibitively high prices as a filter against low socioeconomic classes.

    A place like this, is actually HORRIBLE urban planning, for safety in the USA.

    It puts a whole lot of trust where it may not belong.
    This is good Suburban.
    But here, it can be $70 a month.. Because we're not dealing with the people in Philadelphia.

    The police records and court records and mental health records here do NOT indicate that this place is a bad idea FOR here.


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