Being addicted to sex chat sites


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May 14, 2022
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I do not formally call my self gay or lgbt, etc, but when I have really bad stressful days I can't help myself by connecting to these sites (ie chatrandom, flingster)and finding any guy, doesn't matter what age or race, and completely stripping down naked in full camera view and do what ever they tell me to do. They may or may not do it too.
(Censored version: them telling me to turn around, bend over, show your self to the camera, etc). I have never cared whether they screenshot, share my images and videos.
It sounds completely stupid and childish to anyone else, but I am still addicted to doing this. I live alone and have no family. My dad passed away due to heartattack at age 61 last year and my mum 55 and brother 32 moved overseas this year. Im almlst 30.
I had phone counseling last month where I admitted to this and also said I actually remember being age 2 and my dad recording me naked in the bathroom and possibly sharing these videos around in illegal circles (maybe im making this up to make myself feel better or as an excuse to why I keep doing this).

My post question/s here are:
What do others think about this? If you are a girl, what do you think of me as a man who does this? Does it turn you off?
Do I need help?

Thank you,