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  1. So for those that don’t know I work as an escort (sex worker). Believe it or not this has made it hard to stay in a good relationship lol. Fucking any guy or girl who pays your fees tends to make some people uncomfortable. Well after 3 years as a sex worker it looks like I’ve finally met the right boyfriend. He is totally okay with me fucking for cash, which is amazing! He films everytime he and I fuck so we can watch it together after, and he is so kinky in the bedroom that we need a safe word for everything we do. I won’t say I love him but I love what he is doing to me sexually and emotionally.
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    Sounds amazing watching back fucking you xxx
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    He's a very lucky boy and I hope he knows it! I'd love to fuck you and turns me on what you do. I'd cum harder knowing it. You're so fucking hot
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    Sounds to me like you are not completely comfortable with what you got going and need to find a safer scene. Both mentally and sexually. You might be into it, but are you really? What do you think?

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