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    W/o any skepticism, this 5G has an almost and often fatal impact on living things. The frequencies hurt especially birds and insects, but also affect other species, as well as human beings.
    A good example would be the recent outbreak of "corona virus", which could have emerged because of the 5G, not any labs or whatever, but the long exposure to the 5G.
    China approved it back in 2019, and here are the results. It affects animals as well, and there in China, they eat different kinds of animals, which are exposed to the frequencies, 5G radiation, chemicals sprayed from above, or in the water, carrying different sorts of bacteria, which they get in their bodies as they consume them.
    The 5G just makes anything worse, and there where's 5G, there are corona virus deaths reported, and mainly is elderly, who have certain organs of their body already damaged or weakened, and the radiation finishes them, destroying them completely, and lights are ultimately turned off.

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    People will soon take the vaccines, which contain certain substances that have intense outcomes.
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    they will get those nanobots into our blood system no matter what. TECH-TAKEOVER HUMAN"RACE" IS RUN.
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    My first reaction...


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