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    W/o any skepticism, this 5G has an almost and often fatal impact on living things. The frequencies hurt especially birds and insects, but also affect other species, as well as human beings.
    A good example would be the recent outbreak of "corona virus", which could have emerged because of the 5G, not any labs or whatever, but the long exposure to the 5G.
    China approved it back in 2019, and here are the results. It affects animals as well, and there in China, they eat different kinds of animals, which are exposed to the frequencies, 5G radiation, chemicals sprayed from above, or in the water, carrying different sorts of bacteria, which they get in their bodies as they consume them.
    The 5G just makes anything worse, and there where's 5G, there are corona virus deaths reported, and mainly is elderly, who have certain organs of their body already damaged or weakened, and the radiation finishes them, destroying them completely, and lights are ultimately turned off.

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    People will soon take the vaccines, which contain certain substances that have intense outcomes.
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    they will get those nanobots into our blood system no matter what. TECH-TAKEOVER HUMAN"RACE" IS RUN.
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    My first reaction...


    Then after the second time I read it...


    So... Like my all time favorite person would say... Fuckwitz abound!!! #AussiesRule Then again she might also say...


    And I would, gladly!!!



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    Funny how non believers of conspiracy theories never have one word of valid counter argument to disprove the claim. Only wise cracks and name calling. Only he most insscure in his very own beliefs will resort to anger and/or insult in the face of challenge to those beliefs. For the very reason of having no other valid counter claim.
    Covid-19 and 5g radiowave technology are indeed related. 5g radiowave technology was not that long ago declassified and was a bioweapons program of the military. Like most conspiracy theory, they can be tracked and illustrated through public records with the experiment documentation on this topic now as well being public record in becoming declassified.
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    I have actually pretty much perfected my hobby of confronting and calling out prominent, professional and and/or elected officials with a well constructed case to place them in checkmate. They do not namecall or make wise ass remarks either. In fact never do they say a single word in the realization of me knowing wtf I am talking about.
    Also I have addressed a Harvard thinktank team as numnutz when after nearly two years of me saying it and getting tons of namecalling wise ass bs, they released results of a study to conclude that the U.S. gov. is responsible for the opioid crisis. No shit, most the fkn planet knows this except most Americans. People take the word of a six man news crew over the thousands of people on the ground who now have devices with which to show the world who has taken and now holds control of the heroin industry with fresh images,video and even full documentaries hitting the web almost daily. For professionally trained drug task forces to not know this is absurd, they are no more than bottom feeders of a trickle down economics ponzi scam of wealth and power.
    Here is an example that I presented to the Fulton co IN Sheriff dept the other day after they arrested a girl after her bf died of od. Not one word did they say back to me.

    On the arrest of the Robinson girl.....

    The war on drugs not making one inch of progress in 50+ years already says it is failure.
    What says it is a scam is the dumbass notion that Islam ,so hell bent on death to the west, is responsible for taking heroin from 95% eradicated via poppy fields, to unseen record high and touching every town in America with a substance AFTER US invasion to still maintain supply flow to date being 18+ yrs into a war on terror.
    To think Islam did it says we have 0 national security & both wars failure of fools.

    What both wars are, are scams for fools and designed to be perpetual.

    Also, this fact says that every individual law enforcement officer is one of only two possible things....incompetent or accomplice.
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    No doubt it's a conspiracy created by the world elite. The COVID-19 is an extremely smart and persuasive virus; that it exactly knows the weak spots of the corrupt capitalist system. The Chinese knew all along that their primary target is to silence and make Americans obey, or consequences would be taken place. Now that America is disintegrating even further, you have millions of enactivists there who are in blatant disregard of the powerful country in the world. One country filled with 1.76 billion people, is pulling America by its ears in a volatile fashion - something the Five Eyes of the world take critical offense to.

    QAnon is literally to blame for the ongoing tariff war since 2017. The Chinese government had warned the GOP for a several years, if the Trump administration continues to impose hefty tariffs on China, they made it clear their taxes on America would be damaging beyond any fiscal significance the Americans had witnessed. Now they're paying the price, it's not gonna critically injure the nation's economy, it's gonna wipe it out once and for all. This is all predictable how the COVID-19 had penetrated the monetary system; because of America's actions. As a result, nothing the drugs can be done to save themselves from a pre-packaged plague whatsoever. All viruses are pre-packaged as a reaction to the western world.

    You can call out all think tanks in the world who take issue on China, and they're gonna conclude with the right wing-pandering ideologies as a defense mechanism. The right had always been the mainstream device more than the left. We're talking about an authoritarian situation that comes close to neo-classical fascism.
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    do you are to have stupid
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    What the fuck is this? This is "science"?
    I don't usually curse but fuck ya idiots.
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    pffff uhuh... water is a bio weapon too... :S scraping bits and pieces of info together and call that building a so called well constructed case.. why would one react? Not because of how solid the case is... as that's simply ignoring ignorance...

    following article by Dr Michelle Dickinson (nanotechnologist and materials engineer) might be interesting too:

    5G is coming, and with it comes the next mobile revolution with it's seemingly endless opportunities for technological and business developments. While many of us are dependent on our smartphones to help connect us with the world, most of us probably don't know how our phones work, what 5G is, and whether or not we should believe the health scares floating around social media.

    Frying our brains, military weapons and cancer creators are the scary headlines being thrown around when it comes to 5G. The chances are, if you are seeing a headline like that it wasn't written by a scientist, because we don't write catch titles, we write really long, boring, jargon filled titles in journals that you probably aren't reading.

    So let's just break it down - "G" stands for Generation and if you look at your smartphone right now, it will probably display a 3G or a 4G symbol. This refers to the frequency band it uses to receive and transmit data. 4G is 10 times faster than 3G and 5G is predicted to be 1000 times faster than our current systems.

    5G is simply the fifth generation of mobile internet connectivity. It differs to the previous generations through its use of higher frequencies, which enable its users to transfer wireless data faster. The improved speed will enable the creation of new technologies, for example, improving data transfer for smart cities, remote surgeries and autonomous vehicles, as well as super-fast downloads for playing virtual reality games and watching movies.

    The frequencies we refer to in mobile phone technology are all radio signals, and often referred to as RF or radiofrequency radiation.

    For most people, anything with the word radiation in it sounds scary. It's not as intimidating as it might seem though - the word just means the emission of energy from any source.

    Too much exposure to radiation is thought to be bad for us, and linked to cancer. This is why we are advised to limit the number of medical x-rays we have a year. However there are two types of radiation: ionising and non-ionising and the type makes the difference when it comes to danger risk. X-rays are a form of ionising radiation, and repeated exposure has been seen to damage our DNA, which over time has been shown to increase the risks of developing cancer.

    Non-ionising radiation doesn't carry enough energy to "ionise", or strip electrons from atoms and molecules. It therefore doesn't have enough energy to damage our DNA. The radiation emitted from radios, mobile phones, phone towers and Wi-Fi routers – RF radiation - is non-ionising. It sits at the low-energy end of the electromagnetic spectrum and is much safer than high-energy ionising radiation like x-rays.

    With every new mobile phone release comes renewed concern around the effect of this technology on our health, and fears surrounding mobile phone use and the possible effect of radiation on the human body are ongoing. This isn't helped by the World Health Organisation declaring that mobile devices are a "Class 2B carcinogen", which really sounds scary. To put things in perspective, however, other items in the 2B category include coffee, pickles and being a carpenter.

    The WHO says that about 25,000 scientific articles have been published on non-ionising radiation over the past 30 years making scientific knowledge of the technology more extensive than for most of the household chemicals we use day-to-day. Current evidence does not confirm the existence of any health consequences from exposure to low-level electromagnetic fields from mobile phones.

    The great news is that although the power levels involved in mobile and wireless telecommunications are already incredibly low, as the frequency goes up the depth of penetration into biological tissues goes down. This means that 5G is even less likely to penetrate the body than the current technology that we use.

    So what about that big scary rumour that 5G is used as a weapon by the military and therefore installing 5G is the governments plan to attack us all.

    Well, everything at a high enough dose will kill you - even water, and I don't see you running from that!

    It's true, some military weapons use something known as an Active Denial System which uses high energy millimeter waves, but these are directed waves which are very different to the radiated waves that a cell-tower would use. The waves are non-lethal and used like an invisible security fence, to do this they need to operate at a frequency of 95GHz which is way higher than the upper frequency that 5G will be using. They also run at over 30 kilowatts, whereas the small, lower-power 5G base stations are generally outputting 2-10 watts.

    So to sum it up, yes 5G technology can be used as a weapon, but not by 5G cell-towers, they just can't produce the power or frequency to do that. Yes, the incidence of brain tumours has been decreasing while the use of mobile phones has been dramatically increasing, so the chances are your phone is not frying your brain. Yes radiation is dangerous, but that's ionising radiation like the type produced in X-rays, not non-ionising radiation which is what your mobile phone uses.

    Invisible science can be scary and it's easy to believe the headlines, but 5G technology is just a faster way for us to connect to the internet and there is no need to invest in a tinfoil hat, instead why not invest in a technology course so you can be part of this new and exciting industry.


    plz let me know about more of your scientific finds and endeavors.... I'm quite sure I can make a nice buck off delivering you the protective gear you guys need...

    you really crack me up....
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    more than a pandemic.its a plot to set the stage for the next age.

    92483773_153399112807318_4444950036467417088_n.jpg Screenshot_2020-08-26 The Great Reset.png
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    Since Tinfoil Hat brought up Mercury in vaccines, I would like to point out that Mercury (aka Thymerisol) in vaccines is a preservative and has been reduced in vaccines. There are many alternatives without Thymerisol. Look at the CDC and FDA websites.
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    I know it's off topic, but I think its great that there's some semblance of a science forum here, and I use semblance in the archaic sense. I'm not saying it's unscientific.
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    YouTube is loaded with garbage for sure, but alot of powerful & good info is there too if one picks through the bs. I have not been on there for few years nor seen the video posted though.
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    The map at the beginning of the thread doesn't really give you much informaiton. It does not list 5G intensities, just locations with 5G. Notice almost the whole world has 5G and almost the whole world has the virus. That tells you almost nothing. There are areas on the 5G map not colored in on the coronavirus map.
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    Everyone here, remember : correlation doesn't always mean causation
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    Before forging my own opinion (yes people can still do that instead of follow blindly) I would like to see citation of sources. Not in MLA format or anything like that, but just in general. I'd like to view the sources which advocate for this stance.
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    As of June 2021, only 58 countries have 5G technology. It’s NOT almost the whole world. 181 countries have confirmed COVID cases.
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