Cum in my mouth

Discussion in 'Confessions' started by FagCD, Sep 3, 2017.

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    I confess, I love to dress as girl, put on makeup, jewelry and wigs. I try to look slutty so it catches a mans interest. I like being manhandled, having my head held as a cock is forced deep in my mouth, talked dirty to and told what to do. And I love when a man cums in my mouth, my favorite thing in the whole world, it tastes delicious and I always swallow every drop
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    Your my girl
    Wanna see my lingerei collection
    Or my Shemale rendezvous on video
    Wanna play dress up
    We can share panty pictures and lingerei shots 0704180441-1_Signature.jpg
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    1115171050-1_Signature.jpg 0712181034c_Signature.jpg 2017-11-20-23-27-52~2(1).jpg 2017-11-15-17-58-21.jpg
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    I'm a excellent sucker
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  6. I'd love to have fun with you you can text me 5034573129

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