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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DaddiesCumToy, Feb 3, 2019.

What kind of sex should I have?

  1. Crazy Rough scary spur-of-the-moment fucking

  2. Stranger Public Outdoor fucking

  3. Wholesome couple missionary love making

  4. none of the above

  1. DaddiesCumToy

    DaddiesCumToy Member

    I'm an Extremely horny teen learning how to please herself and others.
    While other girls my age are trying to act responsible and hold back their wild side, I'm going out and learning new things and letting people get to know my body.

    I hope I don't make too many bad decisions but that's all part of growing up. Ha, ha!
    12814247_1697086490580767_3561985179425488688_n.jpg 13876343_1269905216395203_2759393186812000503_n.jpg 13924927_1269904986395226_4775316286389982480_n.jpg 19399389_1937492189873528_8142825634990148049_n.jpg 21014079_1668199489899105_5790520272542105054_o.jpg Merissa 2.jpg
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  2. Travitron

    Travitron New Member

    I would love to be a part of some of those bad decisions!!
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  3. DaddiesCumToy

    DaddiesCumToy Member

    Who Knows the future! I love giving strangers the chance to slide it in if they are sneaky!
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  4. Travitron

    Travitron New Member

    Where do you reside stranger
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  5. DaddiesCumToy

    DaddiesCumToy Member

    Arizona, Merissa desert.jpg Travitron. Why?
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  6. Charles608

    Charles608 Active Member

  7. Aussiedad

    Aussiedad Guest

    Mmmm. I have a fuck toy as well. We need to chat sometime soon
  8. fuckerbwoii

    fuckerbwoii New Member

    hi there i like how your wild baby girl we should talk more
  9. SensualRav

    SensualRav Well-Known Member

    Hey, nice pics
  10. CuteNshy

    CuteNshy New Member

    Very gorgeous, i would love to see more or chat and explore your curiosities
  11. restlesoul78

    restlesoul78 Member

    I would love to get to know you.
  12. Auz123456

    Auz123456 New Member

    Your beautiful hun
  13. im_so_ready24

    im_so_ready24 Well-Known Member

    Love to chat some time, HMU
  14. xxusmcveteranxx

    xxusmcveteranxx New Member

    I'll be you daddy
  15. Deebo

    Deebo Member

    Whenever your sweet lil ass needs it
  16. bisexualwardy

    bisexualwardy Member

    you are very sexy and wouid love to fuck you
  17. Deebo

    Deebo Member

  18. Cinegasm55

    Cinegasm55 Well-Known Member

    I'm good to go for any of the above.
  19. TessaF

    TessaF New Member

    We could make plenty of bad choices together, I know some places were we shouldn’t walk around alone at night ;)
  20. bisexualwardy

    bisexualwardy Member

    is that your pussy i can see

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