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    This is for the ladys...I would love to know some of the intiment details behind the very personel act of female masturbation. Share what you want about your personal relationship with masturbation. Heres some suggested areas you may be willing to expose:

    How often ?
    how do you do it ?(details please)
    how important is it to you?
    Do you get off on just being in the moment, turned on by what your doing too your own body or do you like to fantasize or watch porn or?
    When was the last time you did it?
    Do you ever do it in places that wouldn't be considered the norm?
    Have you ever done it with someone else?
    Add anything else you want to share...

    Thank you in advance for participating have a wonderful day and by all means go masturbate.
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    Hello I love the act but I love eating pussy
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    Any ladies wanna masterbate with me 15550905460201594340451.jpg

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