Flirty mind

Discussion in 'Confessions' started by imiqra, May 2, 2019.

  1. imiqra

    imiqra New Member

    Sometimes i want to have sex with another man but i can not tell my hubby about it
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  2. ridemysmallcock20

    ridemysmallcock20 Active Member

    What about we can cyber sex on Snapchat or Skype when he’s not around if you are interested message me
  3. Ossie

    Ossie New Member

    Sometimes I fantasize about having sex with my sexy female Asian doctor and not telling my wife.
  4. melounis

    melounis New Member

    Sometimes I want to make your wish cum true for you.
  5. IK3nnyI

    IK3nnyI New Member

    Well cybersex can be an option for you babe. Skype, Snapchat, kik, Instagram are possible ways if hes not around so I can please you
  6. suzieq4u

    suzieq4u New Member

    Sometimes I fantasize about having sex with my sister’s husband on a family outing
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  7. Brezzy01

    Brezzy01 Member

    I'd love to have sex with you baby
  8. Brezzy01

    Brezzy01 Member

    Pretend I'm him baby
  9. suzieq4u

    suzieq4u New Member

    Have u ever thought of having your dentist drill u while ur in his chair? I’ve fantasies about taking his cock out and stroking it while I’m laid back
  10. chulabratt4

    chulabratt4 Active Member

    I luv married men ;x m weakness
  11. suzieq4u

    suzieq4u New Member

    They are so easy to seduce cuz their wives are not interested in hot sex anymore and I am!
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  12. AnnaK

    AnnaK New Member

    I am in the same boat. don't get me wrong i love my husband. I just want to feel another man.
  13. thisguythrills

    thisguythrills New Member

    wow suzyq4u why cant you be my neighbor woman about your age who watches me workout and do yard work lol
  14. Sometimes I want to have sex with you but can't tell my wife about it.
  15. Wanakotr

    Wanakotr Well-Known Member

    i often think about being able to sext with younger women. Or receiving naked pictures without ever asking....
  16. Lims42

    Lims42 Member

    My wife fucked me with a strap on last weekend it was amazing
  17. RedLift

    RedLift Member

    We can have some fun on Kik RedLift or SC RedLift87 and you can hide it from you hubby.
  18. EkBewafa

    EkBewafa Member

    So dont tell if u tell he dont say go and do
  19. EkBewafa

    EkBewafa Member

    U do private chat

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