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Would video chat?

  1. Snapchat

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  2. Kik

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  3. FaceTime

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  1. BabyJamie2000

    BabyJamie2000 New Member

    Just see how it goes. I'm bicouris.
    I have Snapchat, Kik, Facebook
    No freaky stuff. Just like to keep my doors open. Ages from 30 and up please

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  2. Bicuriousmama3540

    Bicuriousmama3540 New Member

    Hey! I’m up for chatting!
  3. Polodakid103

    Polodakid103 Member

    pm me ur snap
  4. Prettyboy27

    Prettyboy27 Member

    What is your kik username?
  5. matthew019

    matthew019 Member

    Hi lets snap
  6. Jlo3

    Jlo3 New Member


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