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Discussion in 'Confessions' started by TiffanyD, Apr 8, 2018.

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    While I am naturally submissive sexually I have found that being occasionally bad has it's rewards. I remember growing up and being put over my father's knee bare bottom for a spanking, and while painful at the time, would always make me wet and so horny. I was recently reminded of this by this older "friend" who became upset with my not being ready on time and warned me not to do it again. Old habits are hard to break so this past Friday night he was coming over to pick me up to go out for dinner and when he arrived I wasn't quite ready. I tried to explain that I got out of work late but he didn't want to hear any excuses saying this wasn't the first time I did it. He then asked if I remembered him warning me not to do it again and I said I did adding it wasn't my fault but he said "no excuses." The next thing I knew he grabbed my arm dragging me into the living room and pulling me over his knee as he sat down. Before my mind even realized what was happening he tore my panties down and began slapping my bare bottom hard and fast until it felt like it was on fire after which he just let my body roll down his legs onto the floor. As I laid there trying to lift my now bright red bottom off the carpet he couldn't help but notice the result as my pussy was soaked,,,, we never did make it to dinner that night
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    Add me on kik babe im down for it
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    So how old was you when daddy stopped spanking you
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    Well, I am guessing you are going to be late next time too? I have never been spanked but I am looking forward to it happening at some stage, and finding out how I will react ;). Thank you for sharing your confession xxx
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    I moved out on my own when I was 18 but I still get put over his knee when deserved
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    I like getting spankings like that when im a bad boy
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    Nice story... guess will need something else to talk about for our next time..
  8. There's no age to be naughty
    Be it a hundred and forty
    Your drive's triggered by spanks
    And sets you off outright blank
    You reach the highest plank
    of pleasure, and you thank
    The spank for letting your flanks
    filled with pleasure banks
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    you still have the cutest butt
  10. TiffanyD

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  11. It was just intended to be light-hearted and appreciative :)
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    I try not to be but sometimes things don't go as planmed
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    I never thought otherwise but it seems you "over thought" your response and it became very confusing
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    I did it again.... while I have tried to be good it was a long week so last night when my "friend" called to see if I wanted to go out I told him it was a long week so I just wanted to stay in and relax. With that his dominant sides showed as he told me it wasn't really a question adding that he'd be over in an hour and I had better be ready so having no choice I said I'd be ready. When he arrived he lifted my skirt checking to make sure I was 'properly dressed' and seeing I was he smiled saying it would be a quiet night as we were just going over to a friends house for their anniversary party so we'd be back early. Soon after we were on our way and after a short ride we pulled into a driveway as he said we were there and told me not to get out yet as he reached over lifting my skirt up. As he began to rub my bare pussy he said before we went in he had a job for me to do as he unzipped his pants. Even though I knew at any time someone could walk by and see I obeyed and leaned over freeing his cock taking it into my mouth to suck it as he continued rubbing me. Soon I had earned my rewarded and licked his cock clean before retuning it to his pants at which time he said now it was time to go in. Over the next couple of hours everything was going fine and one of his friends asked me to dance with him and I said ok as he took my hand. Within seconds of us dancing the nice man I had been talking too left and as he held me his hands went under my skirt grsbbing my bare ass pulling me into him as he began grinding against me. It was all so sudden and kbowing my bare ass now if full view I just reacted pushing him away before my "friend" could do anything. As soon as I looked at him I knew I had embarrassed him as he came rushing over asking me what I thought I was doing. I tried to explain but he said he saw what happened and would deal with his friend after but first it seemed I had forgotten my place and embarrassed him in front of all his friends. With that everything happened so fast I didn't even have time to appoilize as he grabbed my arm pulling me across the room and as he sat on a foot stool in the middle of the room I was thrown over his knee. Almost instantly I felt the cool air wash over me as my skirt was flipped up exposing everything it had covered to everyone there as his hand landed on my bare ass over and over again to the delight of every one there. By the time he finished my ass felt like it was on fire as he pushed me off his knees to the floor telling me to stand up. As I did my skirt didn't drop down completely and I went to fix it he stopped me actually tucking it into the waistband telling me not to touch it. He then said unless I wanted another trip over his knee because he wanted everyone to see I had paid for embarrassing him. With that he thought about it a second then pulled me closer unhooking my skirt letting it deop to the floor around my ankles. I was now standing there practically naked from the waist down with the exception my gartet belt and stockings for all to see as he told me to go get him a drink. Over the next hour or so being put on display didn't bother me as much as listening the other women there telling me it was my own fauly and how I should of let my friend handle iit.
    When it was finally time to leave I was made to walk to the car carrying my skirt then recieving another spanking with the strap once we got back to his place just to make sure I learned my lesson. Now if something like that ever happens again I know to let the man handle it as I should of let him do then.....
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    Wow... Its nice that you at least serm to be trying to behave. Tgat was well written as your posts ussualy are...thank you for sharing

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