It's an accident I swear....

Discussion in 'Confessions' started by busty_melissa, Oct 20, 2019.

Am I more busty than your wife/gf (or than you if you're a lady)

  1. Yes, more busty than my wife/gf

  2. No, my wife/gf is massive too

  3. Yes, more busty than my small breasts

  4. No, I'm way bigger than you

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  1. busty_melissa

    busty_melissa New Member

    I love "accidentally" bumping/falling into married/partnered men who have small breasted wives/girlfriends. I consider it bonus points if I can see them get hard from it.

    I always apologise so profusely and make friendly conversation with the girlfriend/wife and ignore the guy (seems to drive the guy more wild, any guy explain this to me?) I've even made some decent friends this way actually!

    I've tried to stop but I can't, I've been yelled at by more than a few jealous partners but it gives me such a rush!
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  2. BBW_Hannah

    BBW_Hannah New Member

    Not fair! I'm ashamed! Haha my tits aren't small they just aren't massive like yours! Also, props on the teasing, love seeing a boy with a jealous gf/wife get hard xD
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  3. Nudedudebrad

    Nudedudebrad New Member

    I’m very hard right now for both of you ladies!!
  4. vivek88

    vivek88 Member

    What is your bra size? Sorry but I’m curious.
  5. olderM

    olderM Well-Known Member

    From my opinion, maybe the guy hopes that you WILL get friendly with the wife / gf, in that way HE could have the treat of a 3sum with small and large breasted girls , btw yours are gorgeous.
  6. Aleyna

    Aleyna Active Member

    Hmmmmm......I’d probably laugh if you did that to mine. . And yes, we’d probably be friends! He is obsessed with mine and I am only DD
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  7. olderM

    olderM Well-Known Member

    ONLY DD, certainly and surely put my wifes b in a shadow, beautiful image you've left now
  8. busty_melissa

    busty_melissa New Member

    I'm currently wearing between 38-40 H cup :)
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  9. Aleyna

    Aleyna Active Member

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  10. olderM

    olderM Well-Known Member

    DDlicious, soft and natural pillows :p
  11. Aleyna

    Aleyna Active Member

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  12. olderM

    olderM Well-Known Member

  13. vivek88

    vivek88 Member

    Fuck that’s huge. I wish I could play with your tits, something like motorboating and sucking some nips.
  14. Nadirnaich11

    Nadirnaich11 New Member

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  15. Wiliam134

    Wiliam134 Member

    Interesting... unpopular option it would seem... but i prefer A's though C cups... just looks more proportional... i do like smaller women though
  16. Bbwlover29

    Bbwlover29 Member

    Both you, Busty_melissa and Aleyna look amazing! You made my night.
  17. Aleyna

    Aleyna Active Member

    I’d bet not unpopular at all
  18. Wiliam134

    Wiliam134 Member

    Fair enough, just didnt want to be rude
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  19. SensualRav

    SensualRav Well-Known Member

    That's a funny thing to do Melissa. I would love it just for the cheekiness of the act.
    I don't know why the guys get wilder if you talk to their gf's instead of to them, but you're probably right, we probably do... and it's probably because we have the urge to conquer what's not yet ours. Can't help what's in the genes....

    @Aleyna and @busty_melissa - you both have fantastic boobs. Thanks for showing them to us hungry souls.
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  20. Aleyna

    Aleyna Active Member

    conquer......I rather enjoy the thought.....must explore this.
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