Looking for serious friendship

Discussion in 'Adult Chat' started by Nisha3089, Jan 6, 2021.

  1. Nisha3089

    Nisha3089 Active Member OFC Regular

    Sounds crazy I know I am still on it
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  2. olderM

    olderM Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    It's not crazy, you deserve some fun here, old guy here if you desire :)
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  3. Nisha3089

    Nisha3089 Active Member OFC Regular

    Hey sure
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  4. sexyboy1543

    sexyboy1543 New Member

  5. Anaki71

    Anaki71 New Member

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  6. Sadab

    Sadab New Member

  7. Nisha3089

    Nisha3089 Active Member OFC Regular

  8. Masokissed

    Masokissed New Member OFC Regular

    Ill be your j/o bud for sure
  9. Sexgk

    Sexgk New Member OFC Regular

    Having a serious friendship is a real requirement and m longing for one too....it's not about what people think it's about pouring ur heart and feel comfortable and still having no judgements at all.....if you are interested do whatsapp on 9930227524 or even here would do
  10. Abramelin

    Abramelin New Member OFC Regular

    Let's be friends (':
  11. LangDaoXian

    LangDaoXian New Member

  12. Deena07

    Deena07 New Member

    Hi I'm Deena I interested you
  13. Derrickdevota1695

    Derrickdevota1695 New Member OFC Regular

    Hey Nisha,

    Can we connect?
  14. midlife

    midlife Member OFC Regular

    A friend in need is a friend indeed. But first we should break the ice. By the way, I'm the man in blue, lol.
  15. Rock579011

    Rock579011 New Member

  16. Antalyalisikici

    Antalyalisikici New Member

    [QUOTE = "Nisha3089, gönderi: 352593, üye: 194662"] Kulağa çılgınca geliyor, hala üzerinde olduğumu biliyorum [/ QUOTE]
    Selam bebeğim birlikte birseyler yapabiliriz
  17. Indianboy_13

    Indianboy_13 Guest

    Hey Nisha, it's not crazy to seek something that's quite human. If you wanna be friends, I'm here.
  18. hornymonkey9981

    hornymonkey9981 Active Member OFC Regular

  19. Lookin2nut

    Lookin2nut Guest

    Hello I’ll be any kind of friend u want or need just message me
  20. J96

    J96 New Member

    Heyy, interrested
    Snap me :boubzi1234

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