Morning honey


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  • 18:32:
    That is funny. But no I have not had a one night stand with a friend ex partner after they had broken up. And no it's not all the time after kissing you're lover can you taste what they last ate or smoked. Lolol who have you been kissing? And where is mine?. O I forgot that I my just have to wait. But for how long.? When I'm free. When are you free. I'm not sure.? Just come over and stay the night. No I'm out with the girls. If you're having a girl's sleepover. Can I come over as well. And give you girls a hand?. No dick's allowed. Ahhh you're no fun. I would love to have both on the tip of my tongue. You're not funny.? But you might like it. So when are you coming over. Right now if you keep on sending naughty massage. For me to build up such a beautiful picture of us. Come on let me give you something to play with. That's not in-between your legs.?