My dirty little secret

Discussion in 'Confessions' started by Mskim, Feb 26, 2021.

  1. Mskim

    Mskim Active Member OFC Regular

    I masturbate at work whenever I'm tensed.
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  2. SexyCaryGrant

    SexyCaryGrant New Member

    I would love to watch you masterbate sometime
  3. Tyker

    Tyker New Member OFC Regular

    Mmmmm nice
  4. Tyker

    Tyker New Member OFC Regular

    I nasturbate too
  5. olderM

    olderM Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    Hopefully you get tensed a lot, nice to get relief.
  6. NonameBG

    NonameBG Member OFC Regular

    I would like to watch your videos of you masturbating
  7. Tammyslut

    Tammyslut New Member

    I do every day
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  8. Fluffymuffy

    Fluffymuffy Guest

    I'd love to work where you are.
  9. TheJay666

    TheJay666 New Member

    It's great, isn't it??!! Would love to watch xx
  10. Woody1861

    Woody1861 Guest

    I'd love to help with that ? Yes ?
  11. JohnConan

    JohnConan New Member

    You could get me a job at your company and I could unofficially be tasked to "tension reduction"--I mean, for the good of the company, you need to be on top of your game ;)
  12. prawn_22

    prawn_22 Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    I thought we all did
  13. ReformedGoodboy

    ReformedGoodboy Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    I enjoy chatting with women when they are at work, sending dirty messages and pics, getting them worked up with people around them unaware they are being sluts for a stranger online, until they need to go to a bathroom or their car to rub their clit...
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  14. Matty_00

    Matty_00 Active Member OFC Regular

    Nothing wrong with that iv done it and when out in public to
  15. Ray57

    Ray57 New Member OFC Regular

    I enjoy doing the same. Get them so worked up.....
  16. IrishDougie

    IrishDougie Member OFC Regular

    Please tell what you think of when do it
  17. Funman1965

    Funman1965 Active Member OFC Regular

    That just means you are an independent minded, healthy, sexy lady. I masturbate at work too sometimes to relieve tension and make me feel more mentally interested in the world
  18. Cumonyourass69

    Cumonyourass69 Member OFC Regular

    Baby I would love to watch you masturbate if you want hit me up can you watch me masturbate with cam
  19. Nihar18

    Nihar18 New Member

    Me too
  20. littleTim

    littleTim New Member

    Same here I enjoy it too much

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