Opinion on Cheating?

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by XxPlayToyxX, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. XxPlayToyxX

    XxPlayToyxX Guest

    So I guess you could call me a serial cheater, to the point thats it s major fetish for me.
    I know I hurt people some don't deserve it but I am really addicted to the thrill of cheating.

    I got married pretty young at age 22! he was older at 28. For the first year I was a dutiful wife I tried to please him I didn't flirt with other guys or anything. But it was kind of hell I was more his trophy wife then anything. He didn't want me making my own money, I got upset and controlling about which friends I could have. I stuck through it because he brought stability to my life. A big beautiful house at my age, a nice car etc... He had a really well paying job. And I really do seek safe stable relationships. But I also can't seem to help cheating on those I build bonds with. My ex-husband is probably the only one hat deserved it. I loved kissing him on the lips when he got home from work each day, lips that a few hours prior had been wrapped around another mans cock.

    So I am curious whats your opinion on cheating? I've heard most of it before after all I did eventually get caught and am now divorced but am interested in any thoughts you have ;) xoxoxo
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  2. MarcusBrody

    MarcusBrody Well-Known Member

    For me, if there is no emotion involved, that's not cheating. If you cheat just to get fucked with no emotion involved, it's not cheating. Now if there are emotion involved, that's cheating and you should reconsider your relationship.
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  3. BBC-11inches

    BBC-11inches Active Member

    The thrill of cheating is a high, it enhances the sexual experience going behind someone's back. Giving a cheating wife something they hadn't had for years or at all. Seeing how they react to my huge cock after there disappointing husbands which don't even fuck then any more dispute the effort they put it. I wanna build up the experience and I don't disapoint .
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  4. Hrni4yngr4

    Hrni4yngr4 Guest

  5. Em319V2

    Em319V2 Member

    Cheating wives are my favorite. Never forget the time I came inside this cheating slut of a wife's pussy on her own bed minutes before her husband came home.
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  6. MZES

    MZES Active Member

    You know the answer.
    At the end the consequences will tell you if your choices were right or wrong.

    Do what you feel is right. If it explodes on your face, deal with it and blame urself. If it works and bring values, then give ursrlf a pat on the back.
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  7. Buckonlyme204

    Buckonlyme204 Member

    Fuck it , over and over again
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  8. Ddavid3119

    Ddavid3119 Well-Known Member

    every hear the saying "whats good for the Goose is good for the gander" you have already pointed out what is wrong with cheating and take it form someone that has cheated the hurting people part is what stopped me from cheating anymore . I dont cheat not anymore . I have seen from experience the hurt I have caused .
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  9. busty_melissa

    busty_melissa Member

    I know its wrong but I do love cheating. I know it hurts people and it ruins lives blah blah blah but I just don't cum as hard if I'm not cheating so....
  10. Bear1964

    Bear1964 Guest

    I know what you mean. My cock gets so hard knowing I might get caught
  11. Ethically/morally, I think it's wrong.

    Having said that... the rush gained from the sexting, the brief checks of emails, just the thoughts themselves is more of a rush than most sex. And the physicality that comes with it?

    ... well... let's just say I think you know where I stand.
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  12. EmilyLynnee

    EmilyLynnee Member

    Does sexting count? Also non-nude pics show off coz I'm super turned on when men comment on my body
  13. XxPlayToyxX

    XxPlayToyxX Guest

    I would say it counts on an emotional level.
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  14. MZES

    MZES Active Member

    Ask yourself if your partner whom you love a lot and ready to die for him, does those things...what do you feel? Is it right or wrong?

    Thr answer is pretty simple miss.
  15. Kite1984

    Kite1984 New Member

    I'm looking to cheat on my wife now, looking to get the thrill.
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  16. Kite1984

    Kite1984 New Member

    I'd love to sext with you baby. You look so hot from your profile pic.
  17. busty_melissa

    busty_melissa Member

    If sexting counts I've never been in a relationship where I didn't cheat. Even my first "love" had an older brother with a REALLY nice cock.
  18. Kite1984

    Kite1984 New Member

    Nice, I'd love to know you then baby
  19. EmilyLynnee

    EmilyLynnee Member

    lol my bfs were always the younger brother for some reasons
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  20. busty_melissa

    busty_melissa Member

    I mean younger brothers are often the really cute ones but isn't it always the older brothers who are a MUCH better fuck? Plus they can drive you around and by you drinks and weed hahaha

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