Picks of my wife please comment

Discussion in 'Confessions' started by Badun17, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. Badun17

    Badun17 Active Member

    Sexy pictures
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  2. Nudedudebrad

    Nudedudebrad New Member

    What wouldn’t I do to her!! First I would shove my cock in between those giant tits!!
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  3. Annalez13N

    Annalez13N Member

    Mmmm she is a very sexy woman and what I would do to her is eat her pussy so well she would leave you and be my wife!
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  4. Bigwetpussy

    Bigwetpussy New Member

    Mmm I would lick her pussy making it so wet then rub my pussy against hers
  5. Ghostrider579

    Ghostrider579 New Member

    I think with a body like that she deserves to be able to take anyone to bed she wishes, at any time she wishes.
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  6. Kieki

    Kieki New Member

    Pretty tits. I d please her while she laughed at my little tits.
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  7. Stuart48

    Stuart48 Active Member

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  8. Idlehands4u

    Idlehands4u New Member

    So hot! Wish that was my cock sliding into her! Those are some perfect tits - love to cover them in a nice hot load of cum. Thanks for sharing - lucky guy!
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  9. Ghostrider579

    Ghostrider579 New Member

    E we
    Little or big, they're tits and I'm sure they're beautiful.
  10. Chuck486

    Chuck486 New Member

  11. Subbing

    Subbing Active Member

    But first let's start by making her fucking get on her hands and knees and suck my goddamn dick cuz I rammed it down her fucking throat made her gag that I've been through a corrupt her ass hole maker like it and maybe I fuck her pussy Maybe
  12. Ronda40

    Ronda40 New Member

    Wow she is simply amazing! I’m a bi mom and would love to make love to her!!!! You gave me rubbing myself now.
  13. Nudedudebrad

    Nudedudebrad New Member

    Would love to watch you rub!!
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  14. Ronda40

    Ronda40 New Member

    mmmmmmm love to have you watch!!!

    That would make mommy so wet and excited!
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  15. Badun71

    Badun71 Guest

    I bet she wouldn't laugh at them I bet she would play , pull your nipples hard sucking and biting them , rubbing her pussy juice all over them and licking it off. . mmm
  16. Badun71

    Badun71 Guest

    Hmmmm. SEXY.
    Fuck me that sounds good , I wish my wife was into it , I often fantasize about her being forcefully fucked by another man or woman while I watch her and film and take pictures.
  17. Subbing

    Subbing Active Member

    Yad be there is a mother fucker for that shitt talk her into it someone fuck her hard fucking make her suck this big cock
  18. Badun71

    Badun71 Guest

  19. Badun71

    Badun71 Guest

    This is my dirty horny cum slut wife making her squirt loads. Enjoy
  20. Badun71

    Badun71 Guest

    Annalez13N. I would love you to fuck her take her make her eat your pussy.
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