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What sex is your character?

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  1. Zemce

    Zemce Member

    Alright, we're gonna play a game. Everyone can join in, reply with what you want the character to do with the larget amount of "votes" being the official action. I will roll the stat values but you all get to choose the class and where those stats go. Basically it's Everyone Is John DND edition with me as a Gm. I'll check the thread once everyday. We will be using standard DND 5e races and classes from all official WOTC material except artificer cause I don't have that book. Will update soon with further things.
  2. CherryCola

    CherryCola Guest

  3. Zemce

    Zemce Member

    Alright so now what race will the adventure we be?!
    Human (+1 to all Stats)
    Half-elf (+2 Charisma, +1 to two other stats)
    Elf (+2 Dexterity, subrace dependent bonus)
    Dwarf (+2 Constitution, subrace dependent bonus)
    Half-Orc (+2 Strength, +1 Constitution)
    Gnome (+2 Intelligence, subrace dependent bonus)
    Halfling (+2 Dexterity, subrace dependent bonus)
    Tieflng (Subrace dependent)
    Dragonborne (+2 Strength, +1 Charisma)
    Goblin (+2 Dexterity, +1 Constitution)
    Kobold (+2 Dexterity, -2 Strength)
    Lizardman (+2 Constitution, +1 Wisdom)
    Aasimar (+2 Charisma, subrace dependent bonus)
    Firbolg (+2 Wisdom, +1 Strength)
    Genasi (+2 Constitution, subrace dependent bonus)
    Goliath (+2 Strength, +1 Constitution)
    Kenku (+2 Dexterity, +1 Wisdom)
    Tabaxi (+2 Dexterity, +1 Charisma)
    Hobgoblin (+2 Constitution, +1 Intelligence)
    Orc (+2 Strength, +1 Constitution, -2 Intelligence)
    Yuan-ti (+2 Charisma, +1 Intelligence)
    Gith (+1 Intelligence, subrace dependent bonus)
    Each race has an additional racial packet and most has subraces. COmment below for which race.
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  4. CherryCola

    CherryCola Guest

  5. Zemce

    Zemce Member

    Look again for the expanded list!!
  6. CherryCola

    CherryCola Guest

    I still pick Elf
  7. Zemce

    Zemce Member

    So I see you've chosen to be an Elf! But which kind? Throughout the lands and planes there are many types! From the mysterious Drow to the haunted Shadar-Kai, they all have things in common such as Darkvision, Keen sense (Proficiency in Perception), Fey Ancestry (Adv vs Charm and cannot be put to sleep via magic, a Trance state ( Long Rests are only 4 hours), and speak both Common and Elvish. But which are you, Traveler?

    Wood Elf (+1 Wisdom, Elf Weapon Training, Fleet of Foot, Mask of the Wild)

    High Elf (+1 Intelligence, Elf Weapon Training, Cantrips [wizard spell list], Extra Language)

    Drow (+1 Charisma, Superior Dark Vision, Sunlight Sensitivity, Drow Magic, Drow Weapon Training)

    Eladrin (+1 Charisma, Fey Step)

    Shadar Kair (+1 Constitution, Necrotic Resistance, Blessing of the Raven Queen.)

    If you wish to know more about a specific sub race please ask
  8. CherryCola

    CherryCola Guest

    High Elf
  9. Zemce

    Zemce Member

    Ah, The High Elves, they're considered proudest of the Elven races except perhaps the Drow, though there are just as many that are humbled. High Elves are commonly found callings to be Wizards due to an innate understanding of magic, but just as many excel as mercenary Fighters, Clerics, or Bards. Like many elves they are proficient with blades and bows. They also gain a cantrip from the Wizards magic table.

    Is this what you would like?
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  10. CherryCola

    CherryCola Guest

  11. Zemce

    Zemce Member

    No one exists fully formed, except perhaps gods. But all adventurers come from somewhere and these events have shaped your skills and perception of the world! The question is..... Where did you come from
    (No background will close you off from any class, they are merely to give flavor and background to your character along with an extra feature and 2 skill proficiency so go crazy)

    Acolyte- A religious initiate of one of the many many gods or godlike beings that exist. Things to consider; Who was this god, what was their domain, why did you give up the mantel, are you still in service to them ( Skill Proficiency: Insight and Religion, Learn 2 Languages, Feature: Shelter of Faith)

    Charlatan- A con-artist, but that doesn't mean you were a bad guy. Or were you? Things to consider; Did you cheat at games of chance, forge documents etc? What was your chosen scheme? Why did you start adventuring (Skill Proficiency: Deception and Sleight of Hand, Tool Proficiency: Disguise Kit and Forgery Kit, Feature: False Identity)

    Criminal: Name says it all, but were you in it for yourself? Did you do it to help others? Things to Consider; What was your specialty in crime, were you a part of a bigger crime ring? Who might you have known, Why did you give up a life of crime? (Skill Proficiency: Deception and Stealth, Tool Proficiency: One type of Game Set and Thieves tools, Feature: Criminal Contact)

    Entertainer- a former entertainer, you love to thrill the audience through words, steps or music. Things to consider; What was your chosen routines, Did you play an instrument, What made you take up adventuring? (Skill Proficiency: Acrobatics and Preformance, Tool Proficiency: Disguise Kit and 1 type of Musical Instrument, Feature: By Popular Demand)

    Folk Hero- From humble beginnings to grand ends! You are a hero to a small village or town. Things to consider; Was you destiny foretold? Was it a spontaneous event? What was the event? Did you make an enemy from it? (Skill Proficiency: Animal Handling and Survival, Tool Proficiency: One type f Artisan's Tools, a land vehicle, Feature: Rustic Hospitality)

    Guild Artisan- You used to either create or sell for an artisan guild. Things to consider; What was your trade? Who was your mentor? What made you give up the comfortable life to adventure? ( Skill Proficiency: Insight and Persuasion, Tool Proficiency: One type of Artisans Tools, Learn one Additional Language, Feature: Guild Membership)

    Hermit- For one reason of another you sequestered yourself away form people. It could be true isolated seclusion or with a monastery. Things To consider; Why did you go into seclusion? Was it a religious reason? Were you Hiding something? Why did you come out of seclusion? (Skill Proficiency: Medicine and Religion, Tool Proficiency Herbalisim Kit, Learn one extra Language, Feature: Discovery)

    Noble- You are of noble blood! perhaps even related to royalty? Or not, who knows? Things to consider; How important is your family, how important is your standing within the family? How well regarded is your family with other nobility and commoners? Why are you adventuring? (Skill Proficiency: History and Persuasion, Tool Proficiency: One type of Gaming Set, Learn one Extra Language Feature: Position of Privilege)

    Outlander- you grew up in the wilds far from civilization making you more at home sleeping in a tree than in a bed. Things to consider; Are you nomadic? An Explorer? Perhaps a former city dweller?( Skill Proficiency: Athletics and Survival, Tool Proficiency: One Musical Instrument, Learn one extra language Feature: Wanderer)

    Sage- A Scholar and a researcher! You've studied as much as you can and more! Things to consider; What was your specialty? Were you a part of a larger college or a small school? Is it well known? Why is it known? What made you take up adventuring? (Skill Proficiency: Arcana and History, Learn Two Extra Languages, Feature: Reasercher)

    Sailor- You lived a life on the high seas before taking up adventuring! You know ships from stem to stern. Things to concider; What kind of silor were you? What was your role? Were you part of a naval crew? A prirate band? a merchant ship? What made you give up your sea life? (Skill Proficiency: Athletics and Perception, Tool Proficiency: Navigator's Tools and Water Vehicle, Feature: Ship Passage)

    Solider: You served with a martial company for some time before leaving it for your new life. Things to consider; What was your rank and position in the company? Were you in service to a government or a mercenary company? Did you leave wth honors or were you kicked out? (Skill Proficiency: Athletics and Intimidation, Tool Proficiency: One Gaming Set, Land Vehicle, Feature: Military Rank)

    Urchin- You were either born on the streets or were tossed to the streets early on. But you survived either because you fell in with a group or taken in by a mentor. Things to Consider; Did someone show you the ropes? How did you survive? How did you come by money? (Skill Proficiency: Sleight of Hand and Stealth, Tool Proficiency: Disguise kit and Thieve's Tools, Feature: City Secrets)
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  12. Zemce

    Zemce Member

  13. CherryCola

    CherryCola Guest

    Outlander pls
  14. Zemce

    Zemce Member

    Ah! An Outlander, perhaps from the high kingdom of Il'Mir where Wizards and Druids study side by side! Or perhaps you are a champion Fighter from the grand forest city of Thalandar? Or even you are a Barbarian loyal to the Three Clan Triumvirate? But you must decide what class you are?

    Bard- Proclaimer of deeds and those who weave magic into song and story

    Barbarian- Rage is their weapon of choice, allowing them to push through pain and tumble their enemied over

    Cleric- piety and faith. They wield magic in the name of their god for the greater good... or evil.

    Druid- A follower of the Old Faith and wielder of the power of nature. They protect nature from civilization and sometimes civilization from nature.

    Fighter- A strong sword arm and a keen eye get you through life. Trained in many forms of combat and very self reliant.

    Monk- A martial arts master, your body is every much a weapon as the weapons you use. Lithe and agile able to dodge and move around the battle field easily

    Paladin-A holy warrior called upon by a higher power. They use their faith to move others to action and protect those who cannot protect themselves. Or perhaps to dominate the weak.

    Ranger- Equal parts druid and fighter. Using martial prowess and nature magic to combat threats from all places.

    Rogue- A scoundrel and rapscallion. Using quick hands and quicker thinking to overcome all sorts of obstacles.

    Sorcerer- You are magic and magic is you. Whether accident or destiny you understand how to bend the arcane energies to your will!

    Warlock- Your power is not your own, it comes from a higher power in the form of a contract. Be it a High Fey, Demon, or another.... Otherworldly master.

    Wizard- The arcane arts are your bread and butter after years of careful study and experimentation. While a Paladin and Sorcerers can cast spells, you -know- what makes those spells work.

    So finally, what are you?
  15. CherryCola

    CherryCola Guest

  16. Zemce

    Zemce Member

    (oh thank gods, sorta the easiest to solo type of things)

    Ah a Fighter! Self Reliant in almost any situation! the most easily adaptable in almost any situation! Though you may believe in a higher power you ultimately rely on a weapon and armor. But now, let us see your build.

    (I'll give you two different stat block, one random rolled and the other is a standard set from the book, you have six stats and will be illustrated with a tomato. Just an average tomato
    Strength: The attribute that allows you to crush a tomato in hand
    Dexterity: The attribute that allows you to throw or dodge a tomato accurately
    Constitution: The attribute that allows you to eat a rotten tomato and not get sick
    Intelligence: The attribute that allows you to know a tomato is a fruit not a vegetable
    Wisdom: THe attribute that allows you to understand that a tomato doesn't go in a fruit salad
    Charisma: The attribute that allows you to sell a rotten tomato easily)

    But first! Are you a strength Fighter, or a dexterity Fighter?
    (Strength is a standard sword and a Dexterity effects ranged weapons)
  17. RisingPheonixF31

    RisingPheonixF31 New Member

  18. Zemce

    Zemce Member

    Nah, just choose what you want, make a new character to go along side Cherry's
  19. RisingPheonixF31

    RisingPheonixF31 New Member

    Gnome please
  20. Zemce

    Zemce Member

    Ah, Gnomes! Small, intelligent, and ever wondering! The most common ones are the Forest Gnomes, the Rock Gnomes, and the Deep Gnomes. Forest and Rock see the world though rose tinted glasses, and the wonderment akin to children! Failure is never a problem for these little ones as any set back is not the end, just a step along the way to success. Though not all are quite like this; Deep Gnomes are just as inventive as their surface cousins, but far more dour in their demeanor due to the harsh life of the Underdark. All gnomes are generally smart (+2 Intellegence, have Darkvision (60 ft, greys), are quite cunning (Advantage on Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saving throws), and can speak both Common and Gnomish. But they are also a bit slower than the other races (Speed reduced to 25 ft)

    Forest Gnome (+1 Dexterity, Natrual Illusionist, Speak with Small Beasts)

    Rock Gnome (+1 Constitution, Artificer's Lore, Tinker)

    Deep Gnome (+1 Dexterity, Superior Darkvision, Stone Camouflage, Extra Language: Undercommon)

    Which gnome are you?

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