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Discussion in 'Roleplay Chat' started by Nisha3089, Aug 9, 2020.

  1. Nisha3089

    Nisha3089 Active Member OFC Regular

    Post your roleplay idea. I am bored of same old ones. Need to be some erotic and exciting. Can be with multiple people involvement.
  2. Preist2020

    Preist2020 Member OFC Regular

    You are CBI and I am a smuggler now interrogate me in dirty way babe play with me

    BUSTYDDD98 New Member

    I am a slutty girlfriend who needs to be punished by her boyfriend by having her bare boobies slapped and her ass spanked.
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  4. Han123y

    Han123y New Member

    I'm ready
  5. Daddyyour0

    Daddyyour0 New Member

    Hi, add me KIK or snap
    KIK daddyyour0
    Snap m25freenude
  6. I_Am_The_joker

    I_Am_The_joker New Member OFC Regular

    rp wwe aew harley x joker, farcry 5, resident evil 4, star wars, the good doctor, last of us, boy meets world,the office,the greatest showman, bates motel, skyrim, fallout 4, medival, harry potter, tomb raider or last of us part 2 (18+)
  7. wineme69me

    wineme69me New Member

    Its not even hard - show me a pardon - something I can suck and swallow
  8. Annie44

    Annie44 Member OFC Regular

    I just moving to area to start my new job. On my first day of work which was a Friday one of co workers invited to a party.

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