Reading all the stuff men say to women I wonder how would men feel about it being said to them?

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Bassue, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. Bassue

    Bassue Active Member

    Reading some of these post men say to these girls others are just to mindless to read but still posted. I wonder how would men feel about the same been said to them? Only not by women but other men? Ideally it been said by other women would be preferable but what are the chances of that happening?
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  2. Angelxox

    Angelxox Well-Known Member

    Hmmm what would be your own reaction?
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  3. Bassue

    Bassue Active Member

    Once had a guy approached me I guess he thought I was gay, who knows why? Anyway he asked if he could get me a drink he thought I looked good refused the drink but told him thanks for the compliment.
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  4. Angelxox

    Angelxox Well-Known Member

    That’s not toooo bad though, in comparison to comments that are boarderline sexual harassment or that blatantly are. Anyways did YOU take it as a compliment? I mean he seemed like he was nice enough about asking even if he assumed your sexual orientation wrong
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  5. Chubby74

    Chubby74 Well-Known Member

    Women can be just as forward as men. Angel know about this already, so I'll share the experience.
    Recensions a waitress asked if I wanted to take her out for a drink (I'm a chef so waitresses are a regular part of my day). I refused politely and she walked away, problem solved, or so I thought. The following morning, she calls to me while she's with a group of other waitresses "are you sure you don't want to take me out? I'll make it worth your while" she says. Well this time I wasn't as polite in my refusal. The next thing I know is that she's been to the boss and accused me of sexual harassment!
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  6. Bassue

    Bassue Active Member

    Yeah, he thought I had a well built body asked if I work out, the usual beat around the bush chat.

    So yeah I took the compliment.
  7. Bassue

    Bassue Active Member

    Wow, she’s a monster indeed. Had an similar experience not that bad, with a girl at my job she would always tell me how hot she thinks I am whenever she saw me. I would play along with her and tell her how cute I think she is just playfully then she asked me for my number which I gave her with the thought of just talking with her but when she calls me that afternoon after work she tells how bad she wants me fuck her and she’ll suck my dick off.

    I told her I wasn’t interested in her sexually, she ignored me and continued telling me what I can do to her and told me to come over to her house right now or she could come by me. After refusing her a second time and telling her I have to go hanging up on her, the next day at work she and a couple of her friends was calling me a faggot whenever they saw me.
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