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    Well, in this story me (Nadia) and you (Amy) are two girls who don't get along. You find a book of spells and decide to turn yourself into my vagina to spite me and have fun with me. When you are transformed into the vagina, your eyes will appear above the clitoris and if you close them, they hide in the pubic hair and you are able to see through my eyes.

    By the way, the spell you used prevents me from moving a single muscle and even though I can feel everything and I feel like I can have partial control of my body, actually only YOU are the only one able to move my body!

    I like:

    - being in awkward, sexy and exciting situations beyond my control

    - light or hard humiliating me,

    - dress me however you want,

    - make me masturbate,

    - move my breasts or vaginal lips until I cum.

    Dislikes: scatological play, furries, blood, violence, Toilet stuff, Underage Characters

    You are my mistress and I'm your sexy doll, because you have the dominant part and you can do anything you want with me!

    You choose the scenario and how you want the story to begin, but there are some points I would like you to respect:

    1- I really like the details, especially the sexy ones make me wet (yes I'm a girl), if you want feel free to put pictures

    2- from the transformation only you can control and move the body from the neck down, how you want!You can also control my boobs by moving and massaging them from inside as you want

    3- when you turn into my pussy you can talk, lick, suck and move my vaginal lips as you want. Your eyes appear over my clitoris and when you close them they blend in with my skin disappearing and you can see through mine(this is very ultilie when we are dressed and you want to see where to take me)

    that's all, as the story progresses we see what to invent.

    i can't wait to meet my new mistress!

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