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  1. PrincessAlexis

    PrincessAlexis New Member

    Hey guys i love Rps please message me if you would like to rp with me, if you have any other Questions just ask me!

    Have a nice day everyone! :)
  2. Kikmenudes

    Kikmenudes New Member

  3. Eeyore

    Eeyore New Member

    Can we rp?
  4. PhoenixTheRehd

    PhoenixTheRehd New Member

    I'd love to RP with you if you're up for it.
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  5. horndog50

    horndog50 New Member

    I like to role play with u!
  6. Rok

    Rok New Member

  7. pranoy0361

    pranoy0361 Guest

  8. Asslickingmotherfucker

    Asslickingmotherfucker Active Member

    What kind of role play? What are the limits. Iws there a format?
  9. JessHotMess

    JessHotMess New Member

  10. LoganRP

    LoganRP Guest

    hi there. would love to try RP with you. i have a few favorite scenarios we could try. maybe i could be a doctor, and you can be my patient, in for a "physical". or i could be a masseuse, that gives you a massage, that gets a little out of hand. or maybe you could have sex with a stranger you met in a bar. interested?
  11. JessHotMess

    JessHotMess New Member

    very into this. 34wf in dallas. jesshotmess4u at the gee that is male.
  12. LoganRP

    LoganRP Guest

    is there any way we have a roleplay on here? i dont really like giving out contact info
  13. JessHotMess

    JessHotMess New Member

    set up a fake number on textnow or something. that's what I did
  14. LoganRP

    LoganRP Guest

    could we chat via email? idk if you have a fake account?
  15. JessHotMess

    JessHotMess New Member

    u have my email, above
  16. LoganRP

    LoganRP Guest

    kk. just sent you an email
  17. Bcuziwantoo

    Bcuziwantoo New Member

  18. TheAlpha

    TheAlpha Well-Known Member

    Have you seen the new Aladdin movie?

    Do you spit or swallow?

    Are you flexible?

    Ever got off with a madman?

    Does the thought of having a collar attached to your neck excite you?

    Ever had a rp that took days to build up to a sexual release?

    Do words affect your arousal in ways that cant be explained?

    Is there anything better, for REALLY, than the knowledge that just by using good, flowing words you ensure not only arousal but yearning and desire?

    YOU said to ask... Answers in triplicate.

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