Showing off and multiple guy fantasy.

Discussion in 'Confessions' started by hollyhotwife, May 21, 2020.

Could you cum in me if I already have cum in me from another guy?

  1. Ew no.

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  2. I'll give it a go.

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  1. hollyhotwife

    hollyhotwife Guest

    So I like doing cam sessions with strangers. Like dirty roulette or my own room on the cam chat on here. It's kinda funny / interesting for me to see a few other guys while I'm wanking or having sex :oops:

    So from something a member said on here to me, fantasy only, I like the idea of being blindfolded and on my back, getting fucked by say 3 guys one after the other??

    Not all at once obviously :D but just lay there and cum on 3 different guys as they cum in me?

    It's just fantasy but nice to think about :oops:

    Is anyone keen to to cam with me in my room on here, max 3 guys and you gotta turn your camera on AND have decent chat?

    I'll use my toys and cum for each of you after I see you cum :p

    Gonna be UK London time. Probably evening. And I get to pick who uses me and I cum for in what order ;)

    ROCKY_SINGH New Member OFC Regular

    mmm nice...would love to join u sexy...what would be the time for ur cam 2 cam session
  3. hollyhotwife

    hollyhotwife Guest

    Read above, UK time, evenings. No fixed time just whenever the mood strikes.

    ROCKY_SINGH New Member OFC Regular

    oh ok sure..thanks...would love to join u whenever u will do next time....;)
  5. Funman1965

    Funman1965 Member OFC Regular

    Would love to do it but keep in mind I am 8 hours behind you. I live in California USA. If I did it at 4 that would be 12 midnight your time. All in all I am very interested in it.
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  6. hollyhotwife

    hollyhotwife Guest

    12 midnight too late for me. Be more between 7pm to 9pm UK time.

    After dinner, glass of wine, before bed.

    Will post up on my status the day I do it next. The main chat site is a freak show currently. I'll limit people in room and give preference to full members on this main forum part of the site ;)
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  7. Rockstiff8

    Rockstiff8 Member OFC Regular

    O ya
  8. DwayneF

    DwayneF New Member

    Would love to!
  9. BennyJingles

    BennyJingles Guest

    Hey lovely,im indeed wanting to cam hay,have a chat ect,im ok on here,my own room your room,or kik punkgeezer,xxx

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