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Discussion in 'Support Requests' started by TacoBelle, Aug 18, 2018.

  1. echoed_spirit

    echoed_spirit Well-Known Member

    How can he take screenshot of his last few things he said when he was banned? He clearly can't return to the chat to do so
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  2. shyguy1986

    shyguy1986 New Member

    It said I had been banned for Spam. Either way it was cleared after an hour I was able to get back on. I did no such spamming just an FYI, only thing I did was message someone and Bam banned.
  3. Jerseyjen

    Jerseyjen Moderator Staff Member

    Ok, glad you are back
  4. yoli

    yoli New Member

    I was banned for spam, I want to come back to the chats, what can I do?
  5. Oshag-Hennessy

    Oshag-Hennessy New Member

    I reported someone for being underage, then got a ban which requested a screenshot to send to the mods, which I couldn't take, given I was just kicked from the chat.
  6. echoed_spirit

    echoed_spirit Well-Known Member

    It's becoming a joke, you try and do the right thing and they ban you for it and then blame us for their incompetent running of the place. I mean how dumb do you have to be to request a screenshot when you are banned, admin couldn't muster a half dozen brain cells between them.
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  7. Niggawithbigdick

    Niggawithbigdick New Member

    I was banned for my name
  8. hemihead

    hemihead Well-Known Member

    Funny that some , not all , the complaints come from those who claim innocence but are the biggest problems .
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  9. dethmetalchick

    dethmetalchick Active Member

    Alright, chat has officially become a joke.
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  10. Niggawithbigdick

    Niggawithbigdick New Member

    Thank you I’m technically banned from public rooms but it’s such bs bc the I have to make another account with another email
  11. Jack_black

    Jack_black New Member

    I was banned for saying to someone she shouldn't show her face on cam because someone could recorded her, she thought i was threatening her ...
  12. Fuck_Off

    Fuck_Off New Member

    Not banned but why am I being muted?? Bcz I call the mods out ? Why is there no concistency ?? So tell me why am I getting muted
  13. ViXxXeN

    ViXxXeN Moderator Staff Member

    I'm actually going to reply to this. I try to stay out of this thread and let admin handle things here.
    In your case, you are abusive towards the mods, but not all the mods. Just the female ones. You sit in chat and question every ban we do. And you go at it for hours. When the male mods are there, you stay silent.
    You have had numerous users in the chat have a go at you over this and we have received numerous reports on how abusive you are towards us, yet we stay silent and just keep doing what we are doing.
    You disrupt chat constantly with these attacks. You have attacked me at times when I have just signed into chat over things that have happened when I wasn't there. I have come into chat and you are attacking Jen. When we don't answer you, you go to whispers and PMs and attack there.
    You get muted when you have disrupted chat and people are complaining. Chat should be a happy environment and you bring nothing but hostility to it.
    I will not let you turn this into an argument like you try to do on everything. So, this will be my only response.
  14. Fuck_Off

    Fuck_Off New Member

    Now tell me how do you ban 1 for something but not another? Funny that you say attack. I am being attacked by you 2 and yes I say you 2 you and Jen. Bcz I question but you don't like it. I think admin should come spent more time in chat and see what I talk about. Funny how other apparently complain about me. It would be your friends. Like when I asked why memes with "child content" are still allowed by certain members. I got a speech when I posted Boss baby in main. Others posted Ariel and frozen characters but no they are not reprimanded in main. I still hv s.shots of some of those memes and by whom they were posted. Like I said consistency is something you don't do. The male mods don't let their friends get away with things. Still you didn't answer me why I was muted I said nothing. Maybe about someone using a Google Pic or 2. I did nothing disrespectful like u said. This is a joke. Admin must come more to chat but on a different ID to see how some of us are treated by some of the mods. Oh and yes I do say US. Bcz al lot of people also whisper me about hw u guys. And Jen brings personal stuff to chat not me. Go ask her. I told u something once and guess wht happened... It came true. The ur whole attitude changed. I will always call out if bans are not consistent. All the same or rather don't do any at all then
  15. Sandrock

    Sandrock Moderator Staff Member

    LOL!! Please, make up more stories. I love it! Oh, and by the way, I would love to hear what your "al lot of people" have to say. Please do post them all here so I may read them.
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  16. Fuck_Off

    Fuck_Off New Member

    So that they can b victimized as well u must b joking. Admin can come and talk to me I will show them. If I bother u so much why not block me? Like they always preach to users in main? They dnt like me speaking my mind bcz it's the truth. That's why I am muted. Funny if u think about it though what threat am I to mute me?
  17. Fuck_Off

    Fuck_Off New Member

    Like someone just whispered me this place is shit now and mods are power hungry. I hv to agree though
  18. Sandrock

    Sandrock Moderator Staff Member

    Yes yes, please do your cut and paste so you are all ready for that day.
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  19. Fuck_Off

    Fuck_Off New Member

    Lol am I such a threat that I'm muted? Must be....
  20. dethmetalchick

    dethmetalchick Active Member

    Anyone who he can remotely interpret as not explicitly disagreeing with him.

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