So you were banned....

Discussion in 'Support Requests' started by TacoBelle, Aug 18, 2018.

  1. Throatfuck

    Throatfuck Well-Known Member

    Fuck!!! I just laughed out a boogey!! Sorry dude but that got me XD
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  2. Jerseyjen

    Jerseyjen Moderator Staff Member

    Well, then maybe don’t ask for a mommy. Read the TOU to prevent being banned
  3. TacoBelle

    TacoBelle Administrator Staff Member

    Just so everyone knows, child depiction of any kinds a no no.
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  4. Bubba54

    Bubba54 New Member

    I was connected to the WiFi at Joanne’s Fabric and just si
  5. Sexlover123

    Sexlover123 New Member

    i was baned ....i am so sorry i swear i wont do anything bad again
  6. JennyG

    JennyG New Member

    I have no idea why I was banned or how long it'll last. Reason given is Spam.
  7. MaryJanex

    MaryJanex New Member

    Hi I’m a regular user and I’ve been banned for saying the words ‘sugar daddy’ I believe this is not allowed however I said it in a joke not like I wanted a sugar daddy haha, it was purely a joke, thanks!
  8. Warking

    Warking New Member

    I was wrong fully banned. I need your help.
    I was online by a guest account of Human. The reason of me getting banned was rape but I never did anything of that sort. I know how critical word rape is.
    I just raised a question in the main chat room regarding why do women like having rape rp's and few mins later i was banned.
    Please look into the matter
  9. MrGravedancer

    MrGravedancer New Member

    Remember kids. Sexchat is serious business and no jokes are allowed.
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  10. Michael69

    Michael69 New Member

    I got banned yesterday. After I logged on I posted a gif with a girl having sex with an older guy. Then I started to chat with some other members in PM. About 20 min later I got a banned message. I know that some of the girls in the gifs looks younger than they actually are, but I expect them to be legal of age (18+), as I've gotten the gifs from legal porn sites.
    I wouldn't jeopardize my self from being banned, as I'm a regular on this site and love being here chatting with friends and having fun. Just want to know how long the ban last. If I get back in, I'll promise to be more careful when choosing a gif.

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  11. IzakNeko

    IzakNeko New Member

    So, i was banned. Its ban has the name "lillee" saying she's "not a girl". This may have been an account created with my IP address (probably by my sister), however, it definitely isn't me. I am male and have always used this account. Can the ban be removed please?
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  12. Ackemi

    Ackemi New Member

    I was banned for no reasons and I cannot access to the online chat help me plz
  13. Michael69

    Michael69 New Member

    Thanks for letting my back in :)

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