So you were banned....

Discussion in 'Support Requests' started by TacoBelle, Aug 18, 2018.

  1. Hazard10

    Hazard10 New Member

    I was banned cause i used the word young to describe myself cause I am I'm 18 turning 19
  2. Hazard10

    Hazard10 New Member

  3. HoneyBunny

    HoneyBunny New Member

    it says I've been banned for incest which is disgusting! I've never in my life even joked about that; I'm a teacher for goodness sake! This is humiliating and absolutely unfounded!
  4. Sweetnesss

    Sweetnesss New Member

    it says I've been banned for incest...specifically oldermalespanking??? I know nothing about this! It's an untrue, ridiculous charge.
  5. TheDoctor

    TheDoctor Well-Known Member

    I got banned for "English only and no being a jackass" - I was using Scots dialect which is a variant of English. As for being a jackass, if questioning the decision of a moderator is being a jackass, well...
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  6. Staceyxxx

    Staceyxxx Member

    I have been banned for how long? Can you please let me know?
  7. echoed_spirit

    echoed_spirit Well-Known Member

    Well as you know Doc that these Admin/moderators we have now have no sense of humour or leigh way, as for their English one of their Admin can hardly type proper English let alone have a grasp of grammar
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  8. TacoBelle

    TacoBelle Queen of the Lurkers! Staff Member

    Kind of bitchy considering I haven't participated in chat on this site for quite a while, only watch.
  9. echoed_spirit

    echoed_spirit Well-Known Member

    Who said it was you? And for the fact you call it bitchy is kinda two faced considering most of the replies you post on the forum o_O
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  10. TacoBelle

    TacoBelle Queen of the Lurkers! Staff Member

    It's not two faced because I have never outwardly been nice to you. If you do not want to be called out for bitchiness, don't be bitchy.
  11. echoed_spirit

    echoed_spirit Well-Known Member

    I know I'm a bitch but I generally have a rule to be nice to those deserving of it, you on the other hand are rude to those that ask for help and damn right self obsessed with how you think you are important without actually helping anyone. This particular forum section is for site support but all your replies are arrogant and bitchy I see no site support what so ever, and I have never asked you to be nice to me I neither asked or wanted it. You say you have rules yet I see double standards everyday, so I would say you are two faced.
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  12. Yuu

    Yuu New Member

    I was banned for spam even though i haven't been on, and when i am on don't even text much and don't post gifs or anything so i don't know how I was banned for spam.
  13. Jackie19

    Jackie19 New Member

    I was banned but i havent been on in like 2 months and ive alawys followed the rules
  14. DeliciousGamble

    DeliciousGamble New Member

    I have been banned from chat for apparently being a spammer and my IP has been blacklisted for some reason. Can somebody please look in to this for me?
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  15. I was just banned. Reason said flagged as spammer/scammer. I'm neither of those things and no idea why that would be a reason whatsoever!
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  16. Keegs92

    Keegs92 Guest

    I got banned for a piss play gif I thought it was an unusual large load of jizz haha I'm.not into that shit, can I please get unbanned????
  17. TacoBelle

    TacoBelle Queen of the Lurkers! Staff Member

    There is currently a glitch we are working on. Be patient. Thanks.
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  18. Keegs92

    Keegs92 Guest

    Ok thanks for the reply, fingers crossed sooner than later, I'm bored shitless haha.
  19. TacoBelle

    TacoBelle Queen of the Lurkers! Staff Member

    Lmao right on.
  20. Merlin2312

    Merlin2312 New Member

    I was Banned saying I was spamming/Scamming and my VPN. When I didnt spam or scam I didn't do anything wrong I want even on yesterday I'm not on until late nights

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