So you were banned....

Discussion in 'Support Requests' started by TacoBelle, Aug 18, 2018.

  1. TacoBelle

    TacoBelle Queen of the Lurkers! Staff Member

    No. I don't.
  2. TacoBelle

    TacoBelle Queen of the Lurkers! Staff Member

    I'm not just a mod, son.
  3. Fuckray

    Fuckray Well-Known Member

    LMAO! Its hilarious that I'm being asked to log on for this; but fucked up dad says he surrenders and will use a different name. However he does request that he is unbanned since he did not actually violate any rules and since he uses my internet he argues now that I can't chat either; but since I have not been on in a while because I'm too busy I say fuck him and let him serv out his ban.

    There I did my good friend deed for the week I hope you have a nice weekend :D
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  4. Veeda37

    Veeda37 New Member

    Fuck up
  5. Moonshiner

    Moonshiner New Member

    I accidentally used $ instead of s. I got a soliciting ban. Knocking on for help
  6. Bazzer85

    Bazzer85 New Member

    Hi there i was banned today for i think the use of lil girl in a message but it was in the context daddys lil girl meaning im older than the girl i was chatting to but i didnt mean it as a paedo would im gutted i loved these chat rooms more than any other is there anything that can be done
  7. TacoBelle

    TacoBelle Queen of the Lurkers! Staff Member

    A) Child depiction is prohibited. B) Daddy play is prohibited. C) what made you think it was a great idea to p2p me with this?
  8. Rough_Dom_Male

    Rough_Dom_Male New Member

    I am reaching out as a user from the other site that is owned by this company. onlinefreechat to find out how long my ban is for over there? I try to post on forums over there and this is what it says.
    You have been banned for the following reason: False reporting, manipulation. Sadistic_Dom_Male
  9. TacoBelle

    TacoBelle Queen of the Lurkers! Staff Member

    We will not discuss your bans on any sites. Stop this ridiculousness.
  10. Rough_Dom_Male

    Rough_Dom_Male New Member

    ok thanks for the reply Tacobelle.

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