So you were banned....

Discussion in 'Support Requests' started by TacoBelle, Aug 18, 2018.

  1. savagedbn

    savagedbn New Member

    hmm,about 3-4 times i connection kinda lagged too. hmm unless! when it came through it got posted multiple times in milliseconds ha.

    it appears im not banned anymore though.

  2. Fictional_me

    Fictional_me Guest

    It said I was banned for being a spammer. I've never spammed the chat or the forum. I only pop on occasionally look around and sometimes chat.
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  3. TacoBelle

    TacoBelle Queen of the Lurkers! Staff Member

    Can you get me a screenshot of the message you get when logging in?
  4. Garms01

    Garms01 New Member

    I got banned for a picture i posted in the sexchat. My ban message says: Banned for posting pictures of minors.
    But the pic i posted wasnt a minor, i know for a fact shes 18+. Can please someone of the staff review this?.
    I got banned i think 2 days ago at around 5am. I uploaded the pic i posted so it can be reviewed.

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  5. UKMaria

    UKMaria New Member


    I was chatting during the night and quit to go to sleep, no issues. Go to log in just now and get a message saying I’ve been banned as I’m a spammer / scammer. I’m not, I just hung on adult chat to talk to friends. I’ve attached a screenshot.

    I use my mobile 4G if that makes any difference. I live in the UK, so I don’t think the country is an issue, and I don’t use a VPN.


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  6. Matthew_J

    Matthew_J New Member

    Hello, I have been banned as the lady I was roleplaying with in PM asked me to chose some pictures from her on-line album for her and I was considered to be spamming when I posted the links in our chat. Could my ban be lifted please ?
  7. UKMaria

    UKMaria New Member

    So I’ve worked out that it’s something to do with using my mobile 4G, because it let me in using someone’s WiFi last night, but this morning on my 4G is a no go. In a couple of weeks I won’t be able to use WiFi - so does this mean I won’t be able to use the site any more? Or do you think it might be fixable by contacting my mobile carrier?

    Even if you don’t know, a response would be good if possible.
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  8. CoolOkaay

    CoolOkaay New Member

    I get ban for no young but i mean young to my self and im 18+
  9. CoolOkaay

    CoolOkaay New Member

    I got ban for no incest but i dont do incest i just want rp
  10. MapleSyrup123

    MapleSyrup123 New Member

    I was banned for signing in under a guest name called Ineed40bux. It was to be a joke after someone said that's my new nickname. I realize now that it appears to be a solicitation and I apoligize. If this is a permanent ban I completely understand. If it is not, can I know how long the ban will last for? Thank you for your time ma'am.
  11. Older4Sub

    Older4Sub New Member

    Not sure if i was banned, but i cant get into the chat. It says "Reason: not authenticated"

    Yesterday i made an account with "Perv" in the name, I never got told i had to change it or anything. But i just decided to delete it and make a new account today, thats when i seen this message.
    I didnt even comment in the chat yesterday with that name.

    Can you help?

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  12. ChloeElizabeth

    ChloeElizabeth New Member

    I was banned for spamming Because my dumb POS phone keeps putting dots between my words... I beg you please let me return I swear I will be more carefull about this dumb phone doing that. :cries:
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  13. Helen-lucia

    Helen-lucia New Member

    I got banned for sockpuppeting when i wasn't , some girl just wouldnt leave me alone
  14. Corpse

    Corpse New Member

    I posted the wrong gif whoops thought it was squirting not watersports
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  15. Bronxboy

    Bronxboy New Member

    I was banned for just sending 2 msgs.its ridiculous
  16. Peter52

    Peter52 New Member

    I always get this message when I try to login. I am not using any VPN or spamming people. Please remove this ban.

    Reason: Banned: You have been flagged as a spammer/scammer. VPNs are not allowed. Countries known for spam are also blocked.

    Thank you
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  17. Jerseyjen

    Jerseyjen Moderator

    You may be in a country known for using vpn.
  18. Peter52

    Peter52 New Member

    I am in the UK
  19. Jerseyjen

    Jerseyjen Moderator

    You need to check your settings. You are probably on vpn and do not even realize it
  20. Peter52

    Peter52 New Member

    No I am not using VPN at all. I am very sure of this. Please fix this.

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