So you were banned....

Discussion in 'Support Requests' started by TacoBelle, Aug 18, 2018.

  1. PitBull

    PitBull Well-Known Member

    That sucks big time....admin needs to get on the ball
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  2. JennyG

    JennyG New Member

    I just wanna say, I've gotten ViXxXeN banned
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  3. Jerseyjen

    Jerseyjen Moderator

    I haven’t ventured into chat yet. Here’s to hoping bot is kind to me.
    As for ViXxXen, stop spam spamming chat!!
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  4. PitBull

    PitBull Well-Known Member

    The way everyone was being banned and then you mods getting banned, I was waiting for those of us that stay in the forums to start getting banned......Vix and JJ, don't start doing it just because
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  5. ViXxXeN

    ViXxXeN Moderator Staff Member

    If bans start happening on the forum, I'll be the first to go, because I'm known spam! I am the spam!

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  6. Tallone69

    Tallone69 New Member

    Vixxen I was kicked from sexchat says no incest you have seen me in the room and i dont do thats shit incest is some sick shit what up with OFC and how long will i be banned
    Thanks Tallone
  7. Tallone69

    Tallone69 New Member

    I was in sexchat posting BDSm gifs left there for like 3 or 5 mins all was fine i did not say anything left to check on some other things when i cam back to read a whipser it said no incest and i was kicked. This is bull shit i hate pervs and incest and i dont talk that shit our post pics of it i always report shit like that whats up with this.

    Thanks tallone
  8. Tallone69

    Tallone69 New Member

    Dam after researching the dam gif i just down loaded and posted had the words fucking his daughter in it my fault i did not read the dam thing when i down loaded it o well its left up to OFC now dam i need to wear my glasses
  9. Jerseyjen

    Jerseyjen Moderator

    Just delete that gif from your collection. See ya in a few days
  10. Tallone69

    Tallone69 New Member

    Thanks Jersey;)
  11. Bond46s

    Bond46s New Member

    What are the reasons for ban?
  12. Jerseyjen

    Jerseyjen Moderator

    You tell me
  13. kiwiii

    kiwiii New Member

    So how long does the language one last? I was speaking spanish (singing a song) and was banned.
  14. Jerseyjen

    Jerseyjen Moderator

    We don’t discuss ban lengths. Check back in a few days.
  15. iowadom1975

    iowadom1975 New Member

    I was banned maybe a half hour ago, it said for bestiality, I dont know if they just clicked a wrong name or what happened but I definitely wasnt saying or posting anything even remotely related

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