solo trip on east coast usa in a few weeks

Discussion in 'Local Arrangements: Hooking Up or Hanging Out' started by Yura, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. Yura

    Yura Member

    anyone down to meet up? ill be in nyc, philly, boston for a couple weeks in total, and might make a few other stops. not sure the dates yet, but looking for some friends to keep me company on the trip~ ^^:p
  2. Funtymfranky69

    Funtymfranky69 Active Member

    Come to the united kingdom i company gorgeous..x
  3. sweetguy89

    sweetguy89 Active Member

    im in alabama so thats a rip :p
  4. Deep6

    Deep6 New Member

    I’ll be in Virginia next week
  5. Discrete86

    Discrete86 New Member

  6. GreyGemini

    GreyGemini New Member

    Im in massachuttes which is where boston is but im in auburn Massachusetts rn lol if you wanna buy a hotel i give you a good tip.
  7. Sev_elev

    Sev_elev New Member

    I am in Maryland. You will be very close once you are in Philly. Hit me up we can chat before and make some plans.
  8. MostDope

    MostDope New Member

    Hey Yura I’m from Philly I DM’d you check my message.
  9. Hazard10

    Hazard10 Member

    Would Long Island New York be possible
  10. dieingto69

    dieingto69 New Member

    im in philly would luv to hook up
  11. bigcock2257

    bigcock2257 New Member

    Sure just pm me I’m close to Charleston like 2 hours from Va
  12. vivek88

    vivek88 Member

    Lmk if you plan for Texas.
  13. Wiliam134

    Wiliam134 Member

    Hi, im here in delaware. Pretty close to philly. Would love to say hi

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