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Discussion in 'Site, Chat, and Forum Feedback' started by Enid, May 31, 2019.

  1. Enid

    Enid Well-Known Member

    A block function where the person you block cannot see your posts or name would be way more effective than the one we have now.

    If you block someone it's most probably because that person has been rude or taking advantage of you, so would it not be a lot safer if the block worked both ways? Then a person who may act abusive cannot see or save any information about the person who blocked them and therefore not be used against them.

    There is really no point in having one sided blocks.
  2. PitBull

    PitBull Guest

    I agree with Enid....the block feature the way it is now is needs to work both ways. Right now there is a guy saving pics of the women....once that gets out...a lot of people won't post pics of themselves....the block the way it is now will not stop guys like needs to change

    It is not just the copying of pics...if someone is harassing a member what good does it do to block them if they still see your posts and make comments about the member that can't be seen by the member....I don't understand the point of having the block feature working just one way....what good is it?
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  3. Sexxymilf09

    Sexxymilf09 Active Member

    Yes I agree.
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  4. ladydeth

    ladydeth Member

    Yeah, as is, it's better to keep someone actively harassing you unblocked just to keep tabs on them to make sure they don't slander and defame you. Absolutely useless.
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  5. hemihead

    hemihead Well-Known Member

    I like the Block . I don't give a shit if the Blockee can see what I post and I don't give a shit what the Blockee says about me or anyone else for that matter .
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  6. ladydeth

    ladydeth Member

    You also don't have people like cheekychap and tntmsalter saving everything you post.
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  7. hemihead

    hemihead Well-Known Member

    What do you expect on a site like this with plenty of cockroaches like them ? If you are concerned about it either contact Admins or don't post certain this in public .
  8. ladydeth

    ladydeth Member


    You know the response you'll get? "Just block them."
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  9. hemihead

    hemihead Well-Known Member

    I think that falls under the " Harrassment " clause . Admin should ban for that I would think unless those guys are popular with the Admins .
  10. Fuck_Off

    Fuck_Off New Member


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