The chat need upgrade

Discussion in 'Site, Chat, and Forum Feedback' started by p1xeL, Jan 6, 2020.

  1. p1xeL

    p1xeL New Member

    Hello everyone I've been on that site around 2.5 half years.... and i think the chat need to grow up.
    You guys make an incredible job
    But first we need more group's like Anime,Games,(subs,doms etc),Music group and more moderator's from EU

    2nd i think the level system on profile's will be really good
    Like we must do some stff to lvl up our profiles like messages,likes etc

    And last make a group for memes xD

    P.S. i aint so good on English but i tried have a nice day :)
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  2. hemihead

    hemihead Well-Known Member

    I have a suggestion that Guests should be allowed to observe chat but not participate until they become members . Most trouble is caused by guests and then they can leave and come back the next day under a new name and start trouble all over again . And it might cut down on Males posing as females .

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