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    As everyone watched Master inserted the hose into my bum to flush it out and as the water began filling my bum I looked around the room and noticed that a lot of the men who were there earlier were gone and new men had taken their place. I also noticed something very different as there were now women sitting in a small group which were not there before. It took a few times before Master finished flushing out my bum and when he finished he smiled and said, "OK, it's your turn" and i saw the women get up and walk over to me. Master said they were going to wash me up before we got started again and I could only imagine the mess the men had left me in. While some of them allowed me to suck their cock until they came most just held my head still as they used my mouth like it was my pussy or bum fucking my mouth then squirting their man juice all over my face and hair when they finished. Some of the men who used my bum also would squirt their juice over me so I must of been one sticky mess but that just seemed to encourage them to add more to it. Soon after they dumped a bucket of warm soapy water over me and they all began washing me as the men watched and cheered them on. Soon I was covered with soap bubble and they released my hands and feet then removed the strap that went over my back holding me onto the chair and with their help stood me up. Soon after they grabbed their sponges and began washing my boobies, tummy and pussy until no part of me wasn't covered with bubbles. Soon after I was rinsed off and dried and Master came over thanking them as he took my hand leading me over to my training chair and had me sit in at as he restrained me once again. While it looks like a regular chair, just a little higher then most chairs, the back reclines and with the added braces to hold my knees up and opened wide leaving me pussy and bum completely exposed. Soon the back of the chair was laid back to full recline and my hands restrained next to me as I heard Master say while my mouth was reserved for the ladies, my bum and cunt were all theirs to use as they wished . My brain was still registering Master's announcement when I felt the first hard cock enter my pussy and began pounding me hard. Just then I looked up to see one of the women straddle my head and as I looked closer I saw her she had no panties on under her skirt as she lowered herself down onto my mouth. All too fast my duty was clear as I began licking her until she had her orgasm and once I licked her clean she got up and was soon replaced by one of the other women there. Each of them was fully dressed with the exception of no panties under a very loose fitting skirt so that none of the men could actually watch them being licked. Just as before as soon as one man finished another man was there to stuff is cock into me so my pussy and bum was constantly being used just as my mouth was by the women. The only time it wasn't filled was when Master would come over and flush my pussy out with cool water after which another man would drive his cock into me once again. I'd guess hours had passed and now while my bum was used occasionally my pussy was being pounded non stop. My boobs were sore from the men pulling and biting them as they used my pussy and as i began licking the women's pussy clean after she had her orgasm I got the unmistakable salty splash and she began to pee. With her pussy clamped tightly over my mouth I had no other choice but to drink it down until she finished then I cleaned her pussy and as she got up no one was there to take her place. The men were still going strong pounding my pussy had and fast making my whole body jump each time they slammed into me. By this time i was so tired and without the women to keep me busy i must of passed out because the next thing I knew I was all cleaned up and in bed with Master and it was dark. I must of fallen back to sleep because what seemed like all of a sudden the sun was up and as my eyes focused I saw Master smiling at me and i quickly got up and rushed to take Master's cock in my mouth you assist him with his morning needs. Once I had finished assisting Master with that I climbed out of bed and rush out to begin his breakfast to start the day. When Master came out he looked at me and smiled telling me that I had made him so very proud yesterday not having a single accident all day long. Master then told me how everyone told him how much they enjoyed me telling him that he did a great job training me. Master then told me that even the women told him how much they enjoyed my licking them saying that I made the have the most intense orgasms they had since their teens. Master then laughed when he added, they also all asked if they could borrow me now and then when i was there. Master laughed as he told me he was only kidding when he told them they could but they'd have to be nude as well and everyone of them agreed almost instantly.
    Master has never told me how many of his friends stopped by to help with my testing and while a lot of Master's friends stop by when I'm here I really couldn't say if they were here that day or not. Of the 10 women who were over that day 7 of them do stop by once a month or so for me to care for their needs, and even though Master told them he was joking, they are all naked when I care for their needs which Master does enjoy. I'm not really into women but it's what Master wants so I do it and do my best to make it as enjoyable as possible for them which makes Master proud.
    This happened 4 years ago and so many people I've talked too on here ask how it all started for me so here it is. Master still calls me to come over so I guess I'm doing something right and over the years so many thing have happened and Master has needed to punish me at times but I know it's for my own good and I try to do better... the end
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    I like how you told your story .I enjoyed reading it.i hope to one day find a slave as you .sometimes I have a fantasy of being the slave.thank you for sharing
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