Thinking back... part two

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    I could taste the difference immediately because while his other fingers were covered with my sweet juices this one was sweet but with a hint of tartness from being in my bum. Just as I finished cleaning each finger I heard him say, "Yes, you'll do nicely" as he pulled his hand away telling me to stand up and fix my skirt. Just as I did he handed me a slip of paper telling me it was his address as he said knowing where I lived he'd allow me 45 minutes to go home and put my groceries away and get over to his address warning me he meant 45 minutes, not a second longer. He than said that if I was even a second late I should just turn around and go home but if I wasn't I should enter through the front door where I would find further instructions when I would follow exactly or I could just turn and leave. He then asked if I understood and I heard myself respond, "yes Sir" as he smiled and told me to go as my time had started and i quickly rushed and got into my car for the ride home. Everything was a fog until I arrived at his house and finding the front door unlocked I let myself in knowing I had made it on time and closed the door behind me. The front door lead into a little entry way where you could hang your coat and if needed during the winter remove your snow covered shoes which was common in New England older homes. It was on the inside door that lead into the house I saw the note with my instructions he had told me about, they were simple, strip completely then come into the house where I'd find my "Master" waiting. Just as before my body just began undressing even before I had time to think about it as i fund myself rushing into find Master. As I opened the entry door I saw that lead directly into the main living room and as i looked around I saw Master sitting in a chair smiling as he told me to come over to where he was and my body quickly responded. It wasn't until I was standing in front of him that I saw he was nude from the waist down and as I watched his penis began to grow until it was standing at full attention straight up from his lap. I soon found myself on my knees before him as he grabbed my hair pushing my head down onto his lap as my mouth opened allowing his now rock hard cock to slip in. As his hand moved to the back of my head he began pushing my head down allowing more and more of his cock to slip past my mouth until my face was firmly pressed against him with my chin nestled into his ball bag. With that he released his grip on the back of my head as I head him say "Impress me" as I quickly began sucking his cock hoping it was good enough for him. I can't even begin to try to explain how pleased I was when I heard him say "Yes, you'll do nicely" as his hand moved down rubbing and pulling my breasts as I sucked and licked his hard cock. I'm not sure how much time had passed but I soon felt his hands leave my breasts and go to the back of my head pushing my head down onto his lap.
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