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Discussion in 'Tributes' started by Mikayla_A, Nov 23, 2018.

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    Cum.jpg Cum2.jpg Hello Mikayla. Welcome to this site! And thank you for offering up your pretty face for a juicy cum tribute. I printed your pic, pulled out my cock, and just looked at you for a moment...thinking about how it would feel to let you see my cock, letting you touch me, maybe even suck me while staring deep into your eyes and connecting with the delicious slut inside that led you to this site, offering your face to be defiled by a stranger's cum. The thought made me so hard without even touching didn't take very many strokes at that point for me to orgasm, shooting my hot sticky cum onto your pretty face and hair. And now I present you with the consequences...I hope seeing this makes your pussy nice and wet. I hope you touch yourself thinking about how you just made a total stranger cum like a naughty little cum-slut. Enjoy Mikayla...share more and there will be more such pleasures for you here... View attachment 11042 View attachment 11043 View attachment 11043 View attachment 11043 View attachment 11042 View attachment 11043
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    What a cute pic. I'd love to shoot a load all over you
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    You are gorgeous and sexy. The stuff that fantasies are made of.

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