Very Beautiful, Unhappy in Marriage, Curious, Submissive to the Right Man

Discussion in 'Roleplay Chat' started by DanaLane, Aug 29, 2021.

  1. DanaLane

    DanaLane Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    Seeking Role Play.
    Me = Beautiful blonde wife in Richmond, Virginia. In her fourties. Milf. Smart creative. Housewife... so bored.
    Bored with husband. Does sex out of duty, but curious for more.
    Slightly aloof. But for the right guy who talks or act or "be"s his way into my panties, they come off and then I am quite submissive.
    Must show class and good command of English language and be creative / smart.
    Please I am polite; be polite too.

    Fantasies with the right man:
    1. You my husband's aggressive boss: wealthy, rich. Wants me.
    2. You = captain of the college soccer team. I am your prize if you win the next regional championships.
    3. You = a gangster. Me = attorney. We meet in court. Sparks fly.
    4. You = younger worker hired by my husband. Flirt.. sparks fly. My panties come off.
  2. DaddyDom3738

    DaddyDom3738 New Member

    Hello. What if I'm a contractor who your husband hired to do work on your house? I catch sight of you in just a towel and can't get you out of my head.
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  3. DanaLane

    DanaLane Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    I am so sorry. I thought I replied. :) That sounds wonderful and I would like to play this with you. Are you really 18? :) Kind of hot.
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  4. olderM

    olderM Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    "Sex out of duty", what the hell is wrong with him, it should be an honour to behold such a beautiful wife, IF we can connect I would prefer either #1 or #4, either way you can guarantee that your panties will come off, whether by force or slowly eased down
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  5. DanaLane

    DanaLane Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    I messaged you privately :)
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  6. Luvitsmooth

    Luvitsmooth Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    #2 The prize? Seems we've been heading in that direction.
    Number one is a favourite of mine, many permutations.
    So much to discuss.
    I hope we can all go some way towards making you feel wanted for the beautiful, intelligent, sexual being that you are.
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  7. DanaLane

    DanaLane Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    Loving it! :) :) I had another male friend (no sex) who was married who I role played this with... and it was not only creative but sweaty hot.. My time is randomly occupied with kids... so let's see when I can make myself available etc. What is your Kik ID again.. I will try to get on Kik.. but the last time it demanded my phone number which I was unwilling to do. We can chat on this chat line here.. as a possibility. Would love to flesh (pun somewhat intended) this out with you.
  8. DanaLane

    DanaLane Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    My sweet ... I made this clear that it is not my pic. It is stated as plain as day in my profile.
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  9. DanaLane

    DanaLane Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    Please go away. :)
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  10. Junes123

    Junes123 New Member

    You still interested I’m 23 and an engineer x
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  11. DanaLane

    DanaLane Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    Tell me something about yourself ?

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