What's in your wallet

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Annie33, Apr 5, 2020.

  1. Annie33

    Annie33 New Member OFC Regular

    As an RN and an online clothing and Art retailer, this is what is in my wallet.


    A Pennsylvania Drivers License.
    A Social Security Card.

    A Park Towne Place. Residents Card.


    PennMedicine Employee Pay Card
    Biolife Plasma Services Employee Pay Card.
    Biolife Plasma Services Donor Pay Card.

    A Credit Suisse ATM and Debit Card.
    A Credit Suisse Cash Diposit Card.
    A Credit Suisse Shareholder Membership Card.

    A Credit Suisse Maestro Credit Card.
    A Credit Suisse World Elite MasterCard Credit Card.

    An Amazon Card.
    An Etsy Card.


    EZ Pass.
    IndeGo Electric Bicycle rental yearly pass.
    Septa Yearly Pass.
    NJ Transit Yearly Pass.
    Patco High Speed Line Yearly Pass.
    MTA Yearly Pass.
    Uber Reloadable Gift Card
    Lyft Reloadable Gift Card

    Food and Groceries.
    Whole Foods Reloadable Gift Card.
    Reading Terminal Market Reloadable Gift Card.

    Wawa reloadable Gift Card
    7 Eleven reloadable Gift card.


    Independence Blue Cross and Blue Shield Platnum Health, Dental and Vision Insurance Cards

    PennMedicine Membership Card
    PennMedicine Gym Card
    MDVIP Membership Card

    A MedExpress Reloadable Gift Card


    Free Public Library of Philadelphia Library Card.
    Philadelphia City Orchestra Seat Membership Card.
    Philadelphia Zoo Membership Card.
    Philadelphia Aquarium Membership Card
    Philadelphia Phillies Premium Seating Pass.

    Go Philadelphia Pass.

    The Edge Fitness Club Gym Membership Card.
    Gold's Gym Membership Card.
    Bally Total Fitness Membership Card

    I go anywhere, do anything, buy anything and zip on through most things cash free.

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  2. Rebus69

    Rebus69 Guest

    Casino membership card.

    Union member card. *old habits die hard*

    Gym membership card. *yeah figure the image out and you’ll find me lmfao*

    Kids arcade card - according to my youngest it’s the second best card I have lol!

    Medical card.

    Bank card.

    Previous name medical card, memories and shit...

    Idk if that’s what the op wanted but oh well at least I tried...

    Also a few euros I keep just for the fun of it!
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  3. Laxus

    Laxus New Member

    ID, student ID, bank card, no traveling passes since I don't travel due to mister corona, money; missing something? buy with money or probably in my pockets.
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  4. ladys

    ladys Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    NC Drivers Licence
    Florida CCW Permit
  5. Girlfriend

    Girlfriend Guest

    What's a wallet?
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  6. Lmao I even don't have a wallet..it's sad
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  7. Silvee

    Silvee New Member OFC Regular

    You live in Florida too? ôwô
  8. Phaslutsub

    Phaslutsub Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    • French ID
    • French Social Security card
    • European Health Insurance Card for when I'm in UK
    • Money
    • My business cards
    • Business cards of other people
    • Bank card
    • Gym membership cards
    • French driver's license
    • A picture of me and my siblings as kids
    • A picture of my grandma
    • A piece of paper I wrote myself with kind and motivating words I read when I feel really bad and forget about the important things
    • A condom
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  9. ladys

    ladys Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    Drivers License
    North Carolina resident concealed carry
    Florida non resident concealed carry
    pictures of both sons and grandchildren
    motivational card
    Club membership card
    credit cards
    Picture of my father

    notice anything NOT there
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  10. curiousPaul

    curiousPaul Guest

    Not a picture of your hubby or current partner?

    My wallet has three things, I travel light:
    1.) Cash
    2.) Drivers License
    3.) Credit Cards
    That's all folks.
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  11. ladys

    ladys Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    Only picture of hubby I would carry is one of him in his own casket.
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  12. LanceDong

    LanceDong Guest

    One year old condom, coupon for a free Arby's roast beef sandwich, a girls number but I lost the last two digits, $30 in cold, hard cash, and a pink ponytail.
  13. Luvitsmooth

    Luvitsmooth Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    No money!
  14. MarcusBrody

    MarcusBrody Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    une salope française! bonjour! :D
  15. MarcusBrody

    MarcusBrody Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    No Capital One card....maybe you should send Jennifer Garner my way to do some convincing :D
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  16. Gretel

    Gretel Guest

    Drivers license
    Auto ownership and insurance information
    Health insurance card
    Additional heath insurance coverage card for dental, eye care and massage therapy, etc.
    Credit and debit cards
    Points cards for purchases.

    I travel light and lean.

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