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Initially most people find their way our online free chat rooms in search of sex chat, anonymous and explicit chatting with other users aged 18 and above for a bit of online sex fun. As we've become more and more popular over the years we've seen more demand for users seeking to engage with people in their local area. Users like the idea of being able to chat with people in and around their surrounding area, the possibility of sex chat with people near you makes it a lot more exciting and opens up the possibilities of a more intimate relationship and offline hook ups. We're considering the introduction of creating a local chat feature that will place users in chat rooms automatically with people in their local area, stay tuned this update is coming soon! This feature will only be possible for users who sign up, so don't hesitate register today, reserve a user name and increase your chances of meeting local people today!

We're respected and known for being one of the most popular and well maintained live chat services online. It's because of this we feel obligated to cater to people on a local level and make sure each of our users has the best chance of getting exactly what they're searching for. It doesn't have to start and end with free online chat, your time here can be a much more in depth experience and you should be able to get a lot more from it. Here is a list of the most popular countries that use our free chat rooms.

USA, UK. Canada, Australia, Europe and India

USA Chat: Most of the users of our site are from America, split over 3 time zones, there are Americans using our chat rooms around the clock. Some of the most popular cities that people like to chat from are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston. So if you're in or around any of those cities, you're very likely to meet locals in our chat site.

Uk Chat: We have a vast audience from all the countries in the United Kingdom, this includes Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England. A lot of the activity in our local chat rooms comes from London primarily and the capitals of the respected countries, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast.

Canada Chat: Many Canadians love using our free online chat service and we're highly respected and used by a lot of users in and around Hamilton and Quebec. We have users in many more areas of Canada but most of the individuals come from these places.

Indian Chat: A large amount of people from all over India chat here every day. The most concentrated locations of our chatters are from Delhi, Tamil, Telgau and Kerala but again, you can find people from all over India, this is the a brief list of the most popular.

Australia Chat: Most of the Australian people using our free chat service are in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Thousands of Australian chatters pass through our chat rooms on a daily basis, but to contact and be easily contacted by them, it's best to register so you can message members while they're offline.

Europe: We have many individuals using our chat sites all over the EU. The most popular cities have the highest concentration of users, we get a lot of visitors from Paris, Barcelona, Prague, Amsterdam, Rome and Berlin. These are just a handful there are many more exciting fun local chatters in and around your area online now.

It's very beneficial to register on our our, we don't disclose any private information and the most private aspect of the process is your email address. Registering gives you access to the forums and other social aspects of the site that allow you to get more involved, connect on a deeper level with our user base and more importantly secure an online chat identity (a chat username) so other chatters will recognize you and deem you trustworthy.

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