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Free Chat Plus: What Makes OFC Unique?

OFC has unique free chat features.

With so many free chat sites on the Internet, what makes chat rooms at OnlineFreeChat.com any different? Quite a few things, in fact. While we offer all of the things you would expect -- sex chat for adults aged 18 and up, friends lists, private messaging, and a broad assortment of rooms for anything from casual chat to role playing -- we've also done much more. Between our unique in-house chat software, its broad mobile compatibility, and how it lets you create your own personal chat rooms, invite your friends, and decide who is allowed to stay, we aim to create our own new chat paradigm.

The Usual Features

While innovating, we've made sure to keep all the features you would expect to find in a free online chat present. We've got the Sex Chat room to help you through those lonely nights, or Adult Chat for more casual discussion. We've got Gay Chat and Lesbian Chat for any kind of sexual or casual chatting, but without having to deal with straight folks. We've got Roleplay Chat for playing out creative scenarios, whether sexual or mundane. We've even got Trivia Chat, where you can test your knowledge versus other users. In all of our chat rooms, you can upload and share pictures, or broadcast your webcam and microphone or view others' cams and mics.

Our Own Chat Software

We've been operating and working with chat rooms for decades, and have an informed perspective on what a chat room needs to be capable of. We created the chat software that OnlineFreeChat.com uses ourselves, in-house, and retain full creative control over its still-active development. All primary features are in place, like chatting in multiple rooms, a friend list, private messages, and webcam and microphone support. New features and fixes are coming all the time, unlike some competing chat clients -- most of which are still using Flash or Java, and require you to install plugins to even run them on modern web browsers, and suffer from bugs and exploits in the chat clients themselves and in the plugins that host them.

Mobile Chat

We used HTML5, WebSockets, and WebRTC to bring our chat software to life, so that it would work across the broadest assortment of modern mobile devices just as well as it can run on your desktop or laptop. This means that you can chat with everyone, regardless of what platform they are using, and have full access to the same features everyone else is getting, rather than being separated into desktop and mobile chat rooms with different features. This is the way chat rooms should be made in this web era. It's the only way that makes sense here in 2017, but so few are doing it. People who know what they are doing -- Youtube, Twitch, and OnlineFreeChat.com -- have finally started, though.

Personal Chat Rooms

One of our most unique features among chat sites, and perhaps most important, found in very few other social chat services, is the ability to create your own personal private chat rooms. That might not sound that unique right away, but it's our approach that differs. Our private chat rooms put you in charge. You can moderate, kicking, banning, or muting undesirable influences and keeping your chat room on topic. You get to make the rules. Invite your friends by posting your link on social media or in other chat rooms, then appoint some of them as moderators to help you build order. Set an interesting topic, and you can bring in users even from our other chat rooms, helping you build a bigger, more popular room.

Beyond Chat

Rather than just a one-dimensional chat site, we've made sure the website itself serves some other functions. Our forums offer a lot of additional content, too. You can create a profile for anyone to find, where your avatar and status updates are kept and your past posting can be accessed. You can send offline messages to users you might have missed in chat. You can get involved in more deep and thoughtful discussions than a fast-moving chat environment is capable of accommodating. The forum offers features like those found in social networks -- leave messages on peoples' walls, follow each other for updates, see what others are up to.

These are just some of the great features our chat software, chat rooms, and website offer, and we're actively updating and adding more features regularly. Visit us frequently so you can keep up to date!