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Updates and general goings-on at OFC

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Hey guys! I hope everybody is staying safe as we edge closer to process of getting back to normal (whatever that is?) from the Corona virus. Depending on where you will determine what set of guidelines you should be following, so stay safe, informed and the best of luck to everyone.

Shortly over the next few weeks we will be rolling out our first app for the Android store. Now you'll be able to chat on your phone or tablet via an official OFC app, login to the chat rooms and eventually use the forums with ease. Once the concept is proved and all is well, we'll begin on the iOS version which should only take a month or two depending on Apple complications (which are likely to arise), so let's keep to the 2-month estimate. All of our apps will be free adult chat apps, no upgrades, no ads, just the same chat rooms you've come to know and love!

We wanted to update everyone on some of the behind the scenes work that has been underway for almost 2 years. We've been secretly building a brand new platform for the chat room software from the ground up, and we're approaching the time to release a demo for our users use and engage with for the first time.

Please keep in mind we're still at least a year away from a full release and the replacement of the existing chat software, but this demo will be a great opportunity for you to see the future of OnlineFreeChat, familiarize yourself with the new product and most importantly give us feedback on your experience. Let us know what annoys you, what it's missing, bugs and everything else, all feedback is welcome.

The demo will be a completely new site, we'll introduce the link to you when it's ready (don't worry OnlineFreeChat.com isn't going anywhere) we're just setting up a completely new environment for the sake of testing the chat software. One day when we feel it's up to the standards that we set on OFC, we'll replace just the chat room software on OFC to the updated version.

Expect everything you see on the current chat rooms in terms of features, options and of course all your friends will be there. We'll have a lot of new features but primarily a robust high quality product that functions better, has less bugs with perfect video and audio.