Sexting, SnapChat and Kik

Back in 2009, Kik was founded, it was nothing special, nothing that we haven't seen a million times before. Just a simple messenger service that was geared directly towards the smart phone. These kind of messenger programs have existing for a long long time, dating all the way to MSN messenger which first release was back in 1999, as well as countless others such as AOL, Yahoo, AIM and more. The difference was marketing, making it fun and exciting. Although several other apps already existed, for whatever reason Kik really hit it off with millennials and adults begin to use it too. In 2011 SnapChat was founded which upped the anti, somewhat replacing Kik, although still heavily used, SnapChat is far more popular than Kik.

It didn't take long for the these apps to create a whole new industry in the adult field, sexting. Kik sexting is huge! As well as people trading SnapChat nudes. What's different primarily with SnapChat is the safety of exchanging and sending pics. Timers on sent media making them visible for a short period of time and the ability to know whether the receiving user has taken a screen shot made people feel a lot more comfortable sending nude selfies and reduced the risk of leaked pics getting out. The fun SnapChat filters also enhanced the experience and SnapChat porn pics were born.

There are entire websites dedicated for dirty kik sexters to post their kik usernames, snapchat login details in the hopes of finding partners for kik sexting and more. It's 100% free to download the SnapChat and Kik app which is why so many people are doing it. These websites can be a great way to fill your Kik messenger with Kik Friends. These Kik Finder sites are free to use but come at a cost, there are a lot of fake profiles and like everything adult industry online, it's plagued with spam, most people find themselves chatting with bots half the time, not real people.

It's never been easier to connect with Kik Girls trading nude pics of themselves, our sexting chat rooms are filled with real people posting their Kik Usernames and Snapchat login information looking to fill their Kik app with new friends. You can find user in real time, who are online right now and ready to start a steam Kik sex chat with you now. Dirty Snapchat encounters await, just login to the chat rooms and begin adding Kik Online Friends to your account now. Find willing partners who love to trade SnapChat Nudes and Kik Girls looking to pass the time sex chatting with other user Kik Users.

Be cautious when adding potential Kik Friends, a lot of the Kik Usernames out there are fake bots that post links and try to get you to visit websites that earn them money. It's normally easy to spot such fakes when using common sense, but a lot of people tend to get carried away in the moment. Sexting can be very fun and can also be safe when utilized properly. Never disclose personal information that can put you at risk!

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