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Create your own chat room

OFC chat rooms are the preferred free online live chat rooms of thousands of people every day, one of the reasons for this Is the ability to create your own personal chat room. A private online space for free to enjoy with your friends or people who share your interests.

This is a unique chat room on the OFC chat server that is owned and controlled by you. It is temporary and disappears when you go offline, reach out to us if you're interested in having a permanent chat room, it's a feature we're currently working on.

You have the ability to chat privately with a small group of friends you allow into the room by enabling invitation only or members only features, or you can keep it wide open and let anyone and everyone drift in from the rooms list or share your private link. The private link above to your chat room will bring any user you share with straight to your room when they login to the chat.

Why create a chat room?

Your personal chat room is all about personal expression. We have limited chat rooms available on our public list, we can't create a unique chat room for every fetish, kink or interest, there would be thousands of rooms with small amounts of users in them. Instead we give you the opportunity to create your own chat room and attract like mined users. Topics that are most popular will attract the most people!

It's the easiest way to attract like minded chatters to you. Create a room with a unique name, that clearly explains the intention then just sit back and wait for compatible matches to join.

There are no shortage of personal chat room topics, from trading nude selfies and sexting, to cheating house wives or straight men looking for hot sexy trans gender girls. People seeking live sex cams, in depth role play scenarios on specific topics like hardcore furry sex. The possibilities are endless.

Another popular reason for creating your own free chat room is to attract local users to your specific location. Naming your chat room with your city or local area is a quick and fast way to attract people also looking to sex with local people, looking for a NSA no strings hook up and more.

What can you do in your newly created chat room?

Community created chat rooms are designed to bring like minded people together more efficiently, to connect with others users who came to the chat rooms for the same purposes. You can chat about anything you want in your own room, call it anything you like and behave however you want (providing it's legal and is within the bounds of our terms of service).

- Sex Chat and share nude selfies.

Kinky nude selfie sharing is a common activity in the chat rooms, but if you want a room full of people doing this specifically, and that with an even more unique criteria, this is a great topic for a chat room that is sure to attract more people!

- Free porn, sex gif sharing and amateur homemade.

A lot of chatters enjoy sharing their favorite porn, whether it's homemade amateur porn they've made, or just there favorite sex pics or porn videos they've found on the web. The chat rooms are compatible with uploading all types of media especially free sex gifs!

- Live Cam Sex Chat.

Create a unique chat room specifically for cam sex chat, watch girls live on cam or have a personal chat room for your stream only, strut your stuff or just enjoy being watched by other chatters in your community.

You're the boss! You get to make the rules. You have the ability to mute, kick or ban users from your room whether it be they're not following the rules, or just because you feel like it. Create your friends moderators and have them help you manage your community. The most successful communities are the ones with the fairest moderators, so don't get too kick happy!